I feel as if I am cheating this month, as I only have my plans to share with you, no sewing. You see I have combined my December and January projects so that I can make *something complex*.

I wanted to make a jacket or a coat, and so worked out a deal with Vicki at Minerva to enable me to do so for the blogging network.

In this blog post I will tell you about my plans, hopes and fears, and in the next blog post I promise to share with you the good, the bad & the ugly – all the sordid details of my sewing experience. I hope there will be more good stories to tell than ugly & bad ones, but I have to confess, I am thrown into paralysis by *complex projects*. I like to be able to spend a few hours on a project from start to finish, anything more & I linger in no man’s land, unwilling to take the first step, because it feels like a project with an ineffable number of steps. But we all know, that taking the first step will banish all of those thoughts – I just need to make a start. And I shall, over my Christmas break.

The fabric I chose is a blankety grey flannel, it’s quite thick & felty, a true charcoal grey, with a faint mottled tweedy appearance. This jacket is going to be an everyday jacket, one for going to work, or wearing with jeans at the weekend or on an evening. But because I want there to be some secret fun & jollity to something otherwise sensible on the outside, I’ve chosen a polka dot lining, a satin. This is rather a statement – these polka dots are a couple of inches in diameter!

Also in my bundle of materials is calico fabric for the underlining, some interfacing and also shoulder pads.

Looking for buttons I thought these would look good with the grey- my chosen jacket is double breasted & so the buttons are definitely a feature. Have you worked out what I am making yet? I have plumped for the Anise Jacket by Colette Patterns.

I have had this for a year or so now & it’s about time it got made! I shall be making the full length sleeved version, and am looking forward to rocking the welt pockets and I feel I should really make bound button holes as well. Now, do you see why it feels as if I have a mountain ahead of me? 

 It’ll be worth it though, and do you know, I am really looking forward to it. Wish me luck!