Hi everybody, its Kathy here from Sew Dainty again and his month I am chatting about sweatshirts. Jeans and a sweatshirt are possibly the most popular combo that we all reach for at the weekends, and The Chestnut Sweater from Cocowawa Crafts is the prettiest sweatshirt you could imagine. 
It's a comfortable easy to sew project, with a choice of styles and bow options. I have made this sweater many times before ( I have about 4 or 5 versions and still want more)! but up until now I have only chosen to make the sweatshirt with the bow at the centre back neckline. This time I have decided to mix it up and make the version with the bow at the shoulder.
My fabric choice is this wonderful claret Ponte Roma Fabric. It's a high quality medium weight stable jersey, and is the perfect fabric for a sweatshirt. This particular fabric comes in a whopping 27 different colour choices, so choosing my favourite was never going to be a quick task! Ponte roma is a great fabric to sew with, it's lovely and stable which makes it easy and stress free!
The next decision that I had to make was the ribbon for the bow. I wanted something a little more fancy than a regular plain ribbon, and I liked the look of this Gingham Ribbon, but wasn't sure if the burgundy shade would be a good match, or if I should just go for a contrasting black and white option as this would work too. The width I chose is the 15mm by the way.
I was really pleased when Vicki from Minerva sent me both the burgundy and black ribbon so that I could see for myself which one I liked the best. Decision making is really not my strong point, and after a great deal of deliberation (you wouldn't believe how long), I settled upon the idea of adding eyelets to the shoulder so that I can chop and change which ribbon to use depending on my mood!
It was really easy to make this work on this pattern. I have done something similar to this before with another Chestnut Sweater where I added eyelets to the cuffs so that I could thread ribbons through, so I knew that this was a possibility with this shoulder tie version too.
In short, I created the shoulder seam exactly as the pattern tells you, but instead of adding the ribbons to the neatened shoulder split when you are sewing it, I just left the ribbons out at this stage, and neatened the edges of the neck split and neckline without sewing in the ribbons. When I had done this, I strengthened the wrong side of the fabric with two squares of spare interfacing, roughly 3cm x 3cm, where the eyelets would be placed, and then simply added the eyelets to give neat openings for the ribbon to run through.
Now, what I didn't realise until after I had done this and was showing my husband, was that I have actually hammered in the eyelets with the wrong side up. I didn't even realise that they had a right and wrong side until he told me, but we'll keep this to ourselves shall we, I'm not losing sleep over upside down eyelets! The eyelets that I used were from my sewing stash, but you can pick them up at Minverva here and I used the gold option in size 5.5mm. This kit comes with a very handy tool to attach them, but you still need a hammer to whack them into place firmly! It's good fun!
Don't worry if you don't want to use eyelets, you could easily sew buttonholes to make the openings to pass your ribbon through. Don't forget to reinforce the reverse side of your fabric with interfacing as I did though, to strengthen the area where the buttonholes will be stitched and avoid any stretching.
The sweatshirt is really quick to sew. I chose to make the relaxed fitting fairly cropped sweater version, and made 3/4 length sleeves. 
The picture below shows how easy it is to thread the ribbon through the eyelets.
Thank you very much to Minerva for providing me with the supplies to enable me to write this honest review, and I look forward to seeing you next month when I'll be sharing a dress with you.
Take care, 
Kathy x