A few months ago I traveled to Germany for a few days and during my stay there I noticed a sewing magazine named Nahtrends, it is the German translation of a Spanish sewing magazine and it is known for modern patterns inspired by what is on the runway at the moment.

I didn't know of this magazine before but I was impressed by the lovely patterns it features, the one I bought is the issue10/2017 and what I also liked in this magazine is that the patterns are heavily crowded like on the Burda Style magazine but it is much easier to transfer them.

Anyway, the patterns I wanted to first make is the Chloe Dress, I chose this lovely Boiled Wool Fabric from Minerva Crafts in the brown colourway, This is a new fabric to me as I've not used it before, just from this one time that I tried it I feel I want to sew only with boiled wool from now on. It is a viscose and wool blend, very warm and drape and so easy to sew. Off course I love the fact that it doesn't fray at all and it also irons very well.

The pattern comes in 3 sizes, I made size 46 but I should have gone for the size 42 at least at the waist as it doesn't fit me snugly in the area as I would like to, however it doesn't annoy me so much that I should unpick it and take it in.

If you are an observant person you have already noticed a design difference from the dress I made and the one the model is wearing. My dress has a waistband while the one the model is wearing doesn't have one and that is only by mistake as I thought that the pattern pieces for the facing were in fact a waistband and without noticing the model I proceeded in adding the waistband,only after I completed the dress I noticed my mistake but as I didn't have any problems, as far as the fitting is concerned, I left it as it is.

The construction of the dress is very easy, the skirt is made out of 6 panels in total which is a lot but the fabric I used was very helpful as I didn't have to secure the seams from fraying and that was a time saver. The bodice is constructed by two triangular panels that are attached in the back of the neck and also feature bust darts for shaping. The pattern directs you to face the bodice with the fashion fabric but to avoid the bulk I decided to use the orange needle cord fabric I used in a previous post, I like the color combination of orange with brown and needle cord is the softest fabric ever so it works well with the boiled wool. I did hand sew the hem as one should do with wool fabrics and although my handstiching is not very good I'm pleased with the result.

I had to make a buttonhole in one of bodice parts but my machine could not handle the bulk at this point so I added fasteners and sewed the button only for design purpose.

I'm glad I had the chance to use boiled wool and I see more garments from this fabric in the future.

Till next time,