Hi Minerva Crafters, this month's post is yet another garment from the Made In Denim Collection by Merchant and Mills, this time it's the Clementine Skirt Pattern, as described on the envelope, a slim fitting jeans skirt with a back split and shaped waistband, apart from that it features off course all the classic jeans pockets which are my most favorite details!

I've been wanting to make a classic denim skirt for a long time, I always had a ready to wear one in my closet and it was about time I made one myself.

To start with, I went for size 16 which is closer to my measurements! The only alteration I made to the pattern is shortening it by 12 cm in total, 6 cm in the shorten / lengthen line and another 6 cm in the hem. I didn't take off all the length from shorten/ lengthen line so that the back slit wouldn't end up too high on me.

As for the instructions, I can't express any opinion as I only used them for the construction of the fly front and didn't need them for the rest of the skirt. I will just mention that there is an errata printed on the pattern concerning the back slit but I only noticed that after I finished the skirt and was folding the pieces back to the enveloped. I managed to figure that out on my own but I wish I had read the errata to avoid the extra fiddling time, anyway it was not a big deal!

The construction of the skirt involves many steps because of all the design details, pockets, fly front and back slit if you just go through them one step at a time it is not that difficult though. When I think of this skirt the only thing that comes in my mind is the topstitching, there are meters and meters of topstitching but that's what adds character in this garment and it is totally worth the time and effort. I like the white thread that was used in the sample so I did the same. I used a variation of the triple stitch in most of the garment and for this, I used a normal white thread, really love how this stitch looks, I wonder how I had not noticed it before! One more thing I want to mention about the construction is that just like in the jeans I previously made, I didn't add the belt loops, I want to wear it like so for a while and see if I prefer the look without the loops, I wouldn't use a belt anyway!

The fit is perfect in the waist and the high hip area but it is a bit tight in the low hip. I did baste the side seams before I close them and the fit was good but probably it looked good because at that point I had not topstitched the center front seam and this topstitching line closes a part of the fly front which is still open until the topstitching is done , I guess that little opening there is what gave a bit more room in the low hip and didn't allow me to see the problem. If I had realized that, I would have just reduced the seam allowance on the side seams at the hip area, for now, I will leave it like this as there is no way to unpick all that topstitching!

Take care,