Deconstructed tailoring is a trend that has captured my imagination. I have made Grainline Studio's Alder Shirtdress Sewing Pattern 6 times and for me it's a timeless classic - a wardrobe staple that I have come to rely on. It's part of my sartorial daily repertoire. I took a pattern that was familiar - a dependable backbone of my wardrobe and I wanted to give it a moment in the spotlight.

Spotlight number 1 = the best FabricThe Denim Studio by AGF has some truly premium fabrics well worth it. I can't even begin to write how beautiful Painterley Wash is. Its vibrancy of colour, wonderful handle and it irons like a dream. Its everything a denim chambray should be and more.

Spotlight number 2 = replacing the classic button front with a slightly experimental design. I love my Alder shirtdresses but I was looking for a fresh of punch of style. And boy was it fun to do!

My Grainline size is 4. Having sewn this many times already I did not need the instructions but the online sewalong is excellent. This is the first time I have added pockets which was a simple matter of using in seam pockets from another pattern and placing them where I wanted. Love the pockets!

I used a contrast denim chambray for the button band, collar and inside yoke which is just my favourite feature of this dress. The armholes were finished in pink floral bias binding which always adds a lovely pop of colour.

I made the dress as normal until I got to the buttonhole stage. That's when I used my dress form to 'deconstruct' it. In other words, play around with draping and pinning :-). I wanted the straight down contrast button band to have a fractured look. I love the contrast of the wood buttons with the deep blue of the fabric.

Once I had pinned it out how I wanted it - the rest was handstitching. I decided to go with handsewing so that if I ever change my mind, I can easily unpick the hand sewing. I also made sure to not put any buttonholes on the folded bits of the buttonband.

Customising a tried and true pattern is a great way to make something feel new and exciting again.

Until next time, Happy Sewing everyone!