Hello, hello m’dears! It’s Emily again from Self Assembly Required back again for another Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post!

This month’s make is another one that I’ve been planning to do for a little while now, just waiting for the right time to make it! It’s the Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress!

This pattern was released earlier this year in the Deer and Doe’s spring/ summer range. It’s a beautiful ruffled semi fitted minidress with a buttoned bodice and mandarin collar.

The reason I wanted to wait to make this was because though it’s technically meant as a summer pattern, I had dreamed up the perfect version to make for autumn/ winter!

I had the perfect fabric choice – the Atelier Brunette Stardust Cotton Gauze in night. I’d seen this fabric (in all the different colourways) being used all over my social media feeds and I loved everything that was made with it. It looked luxurious and soft with a subtle gold twinkle.

I managed to get quite a lot of yardage for this make which meant I could go a bit wild and do all the hacks wanted to with the Myosotis pattern!

I made a fair few changes. In fact I changed everything except the back bodice piece and the pockets…

I was aiming for something midi length with longer peasant style gathered sleeves, a bit flowy and dramatic but in a good way! The look I was going for was elegant bohemian if such a thing exists.

Here’s a list of what I did!

1.      I added 15 cm to each skirt piece (the main skirt and the frill pattern piece). This added on a total of 30cm to the length of the skirt.

2.      I lengthened and slash-and-spread the sleeve to create a three-quarter length sleeve that gathered at the wrist. I planned to fold back the hem and create a casing for some elastic.

3.      I got rid of the mandarin collar and altered the neckline of the front bodice, drawing a straight line from the shoulder to the top of the button placket.

4.      I drew out new facing pieces for the front and back bodices. I did this by tracing over the necklines of the bodice pieces and measured 4.5cm from the edge. This leaves quite a narrow facing but it’s perfect for the button stand. Both pieces need to be interfaced.

Sewing it up was so simple! I kind of just ignored the instructions regarding the bodice as I had changed the whole neckline and sleeve thing but otherwise it’s the same!

The bodice has a few bust and waist darts which need to be sewn before sewing up the side and shoulder seams. I then sewed the facing pieces together and then to the neckline right sides together, trimmed the seam, turned it out and pressed. For the sleeves, I started by sewing up the seam. Then I folded back the hem 2.5cm and stitched a line 2cm from the edge to create a channel to thread some elastic through. I then set the sleeves into the bodice. The centre fronts can then be overlapped by 3cm (for the buttons) and pinned into place ready for the skirt!

It pretty much turned out how I thought it would!

I think I need to do a small adjustment to the elastic in the sleeve just to make them a little tighter but otherwise it fitted pretty well right off the bat! It does need to be belted. It’s a loose fitting dress despite the bodice darts so some sort of cinching in at the waist is needed unless you’re looking for a muumuu shape (or have just had a big dinner…). I’m loving this look for the winter – there’s something about that midnight blue and the gold twinkle that makes me feel a little festive!