I’ve made the Elliot Sweater by Helen’s Closet 3 times prior to this version; all of which were made in a quilted heavy-weight sweater knit. This time I wanted to go for something more lightweight in a breathable cotton jersey – I also wanted the fabric plain but in a great colour so I could jazz it up with some vinyl decals! Cue Jazz Hands…

I’m pretty sure I managed to get this, View A, out of 1.5 m of fabric although the pattern instructs for just shy of 2m. If you’re playing with stripes or pattern matching that may be a better option. It also comes as a cropped sweater or a straightforward Tee. I’ve just dug out some offcuts of plain jerseys from my scrap bundle and think the Tee will be a great way to use those up.

The Elliot, like a lot of Helen’s Closet patterns, is very quick and simple to sew up. I sewed mine on my sewing machine using a straight stretch stitch (lengthening it to 3 mm for the topstitching) and finished the seams with my overlocker – not at all necessary but so much neater. The only time I deviated from this was in sewing on the collar – there’s quite a bit of ease to distribute and I find using a zigzag stitch here helpful (it’s also a lot easy to unpick if it comes to it!)

The pattern has only a few pieces – front and back; the sleeves and the collar (or neckband). The hem is straight and split. I really like this detail as it allows easier access to your pockets and also enables the 'part-tuck' into your pants, if you fancy it! In terms of construction, it's simply a case of attaching front and back together at the shoulder, then sewing in the sleeves in the flat before doing up the side seams and attaching the collar. Simples!

I did use Wonder Tape on the split part of the side seams in order that they lay flat and accurately ready for topstitching (it washes away in the first wash!) and I also used Hemming Web in the hems, which again ensures I can sew them evenly (the hemming tape doesn't effect the stretch of the fabric here).

As for the fabric, I’ve used a fair few colourways of this particular plain cotton/spandex jersey fabric and I find its colour holds up pretty well. It also doesn’t go particularly baggy in the wear either, which is a bonus. Being cotton, it does have a tendency to curl but not onerously so. And, actually, I find that quite helpful as it’s a good key to locating the wrong and right side of your fabric – it can be particularly hard to tell on plain fabrics! A cut edge of fabric will always turn to the right side…

This time I opted for the 'Army Green', which I thought would like great with some constrasting solver and black vinyl decals, which I applied after the pattern pieces were cut out but before they were sewn together. (If you follow me on Instagram or are a regular reader of my blog Sew Sarah Smith you might have seen that I was recently lucky enough to receive a Cricut ‘Maker’ machine. This enables you to - amongst other things - design and cut iron-on vinyl; perfect for plain fabrics like this!)

I decided to add the popular #maker hashtag to the left sleeve as well as the ‘Makers Gonna Make’ decal to the front. I’m really pleased how it turned out!

Thank you Minerva for sending me this fabric for review purposes and thank you for reading…now I’m off to sew what else I can stick a vinyl decal on!

Until next time, happy sewing

Sarah x