My Minerva make this month had some ups and downs. I was really taken with a Sew Different pattern called The Essential Denim Dress Pattern. It showed so much potential for using up spare bits of fabric.

I was equally keen when when the Linen Look Suiting Fabric arrived. I knew I had piece of grey denim from my Bag Making Project to throw into the mix and the thought of mixing and matching excited me. 

My skin tone is not great with beige against it so I opted for the side panels to be beige and put the blue nearer my face. I started to have a wobble when I saw the size of the yoke piece because I was getting worried it was going to have 'sack appeal'.

On sewing, the top was indeed huge and the dart was nowhere near my breast, I tried it in three different places before I realised that it looked better without it altogether but also retained a nice shape. Strange. I took quite a bit off the side seams too.

It is ridiculous to say but I pinched out another 1 1/2 inches out of the shoulders from the original seam line. If you make this pattern I recommend a muslin/toile to find the best fit or size choice for you. At this bodging stage, I was losing hope it would ever be a dress that would get any air time but on completion, I loved it.

My friend gave me this jacket at the start of Summer in her wardrobe clear out and I doubted I would ever wear it but it felt such good quality and here it is making a perfect work match for me. I think this garment will have a double life as a work dress and a casual tunic. There are not any zips or fastenings so this is as shapely as it can be whilst enabling me to get it on and off.

The pocket is excellent and if I made it again I might even consider adding two. 

The fabric is light but dense which makes it perfect for Autumn/winter.I wore it to teach today, in fact this is me at home in the evening after a full days wear, and it doesn't hold a crease in the underarm keeping it smart all day. It was really comfortable and easy to move around in.

 This project started off on a high, dipped in the middle during fitting and ended with a triumphant finish. 

Jo xxx