Hi there! This month you get more for your money from my make; two pieces for the price of one!

I chose this glorious, magnolia print Rayon Fabric with a black background as I’ve started seeing lots of maxi skirts around on the high street and was instantly transported back to my teenage wardrobe (showing my age, here!) I was thrilled when it arrived as it feels just as silky smooth and lightweight as I hoped.

I chose to use another Deer and Doe Pattern, this time the Fumeterre skirt, a panelled maxi with the choice of either a fly or button front, with or without slanted patch pockets. The envelope states it takes a rather fabric hungry 4m of fabric, which was what I received from Minerva.

I was a little concerned when I looked more closely at the suggested cutting layout in the packet and realised that the 4m was on a non-directional print, which this wasn’t. So I set about cutting as carefully as possible.

The pattern includes a hem facing which I am not a huge fan of. I find they always flip out and I had images of getting my foot caught in them, so I didn’t cut them. The skirt pieces were plenty long enough to allow for a deep hem to give some weight (I’m 5’7” so it’s a LONG skirt).

The pattern came together beautifully. I wasn’t keen on putting a zip into such light weight fabric so went with the button front, but kept the patch pockets (ALWAYS keep the pockets!) The fabric pressed easily but was very slippy to sew, I recommend using a lot more pins than usual! I overlocked every seam as, with all fabrics like this, it frayed very easily. I also hung the skirt for a couple of days before hemming to allow it to drop – don’t skip this step!

So there I was with a lovely finished skirt and some spare fabric (about 1/2m full width and some scraps). What’s a girl to do?

Apparently, it’s to blatantly copy an idea I’ve seen all over recently, make a little top in the same fabric so you can pretend you’ve a dress when you want to.

The pattern than came to hand was the Ogden cami, which I’ve seen countless versions of online and loads of RTW tops in the same style. It’s a style that’s grown slowly on me to be honest, I prefer thicker straps in general.

I graded between three sizes between bust and hip and am pretty happy with the fit. It feels a lot more secure around the bust than I was expecting too, added bonus!

And check out how awesome my pretend maxi dress is?! I love this look so much, but also love that I can get some added wear out of these two pieces as separates; a plain coloured top to go with the skirt and skinnies with the cami.

Thanks for adding such lovelies to my summer wardrobe, Minerva!

Becca x