Well, it's time. It's finally time. We can say the word. The forbidden word. We can say it loud and say it proud without fear of disapproval. Say it with me…Christmas! Yes, it's finally time to start thinking about Christmas. At least for crafters, anyway! As this is getting posted I'll be jetting off to Australia for 2 weeks so I've done a nice quick craft for November.

Everyone here at Minerva is in love with the latest release from King Cole, their Tinsel Yarn! It's lovely and Christmassy and surprisingly soft! The latest trend is hedgehogs, and they're adorable! But it got me thinking, other than hedgehogs and hats, what else can we do with it?" So I began to scan around the warehouse, keeping my eyes peeled as I wandered through researching products for customers. Now the items you see below may look completely random, but they come together to create some Christmas magic! So, my crafty crafters, I present…

The Floating Christmas Tree!

As you can see I've used the Emerald Green King Cole Tinsel, Inner Rings for Embroidery Hoops, a Polystyrene Cone Shape and Clear/Invisible Thread.

I've pinned the yarn securely at the point of the tree shape, and wound the yarn around the shape pinning securely at the bottom.

Then, I proceeded to wind the yarn around the embroidery inner hoops. I wound, and wound, and wound, and wound! So much winding, so get yourself settled in a comfy seat with a cup of tea ;)

Once I'd wound the cone and the rings, it was time to get a bit tricky. I used the clear thread to hang each of the rings from each other with the widest at the bottom, descending up to the base of the cone. I tied the thread to the rings, but you could use a trusty glue gun and cut the treads to the exact length needed.

The great thing is you can use as many rings as you want, as far apart as you want so create a lovely floating affect. Mine is going to be a gift for a very close friend who doesn't have much room to have a tree in their university dorm, so they can hang this from their shelves and keep it Christmassy as they study, but shhh! They don't know!

So to conclude, the items I used are:

Top Tip! - Pick up some pearl head pins or metallic pompoms and create baubles!

Hope you find this as quick and fun as I did, see you in December!

Craft or Glory!

Katie Betty xo