This month I went for a double make, the first one is The Harrison Shirt from Cashmerette Patterns and the second one is a simple half circle skirt.

For the Harrison Shirt I chose this lovely white Poplin Fabric, great quality and takes the iron very well.

This Shirt pattern is a button down shirt that dosen't gape over curves, it features double princess seams which guarantee a great fit. 

I have already made a few shirts so this one was quite an easy make as I was comfortable with most of the steps, the only part that was a bit fiddling was sewing the curves in the front princess seams, there are some really curvy seams there and I'm not happy with the result in this part of the shirt as it does not look neat. 

My favourite part of this pattern is the two part sleeve plackete, the method that Cashmerette uses is so easy that I have adopted it in other shirt patterns I have used.

To make it more interesting I added a contrasting collar stand using some scraps of fabric from my stash, it is not a very loud detail and I think it's in harmony with the look of this shirt.

Making buttonholes is so easy with my sewing machine as it features one step butfonholes but even easier than that is the use of snaps, my favourite closure method lately.  I used the white 11mm Hemlime Snaps, so easy to attach and I really love the professional result. At first I was tempted to try some contrasting colour snaps but in the end I went for the white ones. 

Despite the few mistakes I love this shirt so much, love the fit and I really needed a white me made shirt. 

The second make is the half circle skirt. To start with the fabric I used is from the Lisa Comfort Fabric Collection in this gorgeous rose print, the fabric looks and feels gorgeus, it is so summery and the colours are as vivid as they looked in my screen. 

It was meant to be a skirt and I rarely use commercial patterns for my skirts so this time was no exception. Depending on the look you want, making your own skirt pattern could be quite easy and the easiest way that I know is using the By Hand London circle skirt app, this app shows you how fo make a quarter, half and circle skirt. I have made the quarter skirt before and I like the A Line look of it.

This time I wanted to make a half circle skirt, I find it flattering as it does not add any bulk in the waist and it also shows beautiful fabrics like this very well without having many seams. 

To make it you just fill your waist measurement in the app, chose the half circle skirt button and add the desired length (48 cm in my case).

Than following the directions that the app gives you cut the skirt, no need for patterns - just mark the fabric directly. 

Finally for the waistband I cut a strip of fabric as wide as my waist + seam allowance and 9 cm long. My favourite waist band interfacing is the heavy Slotted Waist Banding, which makes a firm waistband and attaching it is so easy.

There is only one center back seam were the zipper closure goes and after hemming it the skirt is ready.

Of course I love my new skirt, it gives some summer vibes in the otherwise rainy atmosphere we're having in Athens the past weeks.

Take care,