Hey Minerva Makers!

It’s Vicky of Sewstainability here with this month’s Blogger Network make. This month I’ve got my hands on some of this Lady McElroy Cotton Twill Fabric. It is the most perfect green, it is a gorgeous yellowy-olive colour. I love green but am quite picky about which shades I like and this ticks all of the boxes.

When I ordered this I was fully intending to make a pair of the Sugardale Evelyn Overalls. I love dungarees and am always excited to try a new pattern. As it is quite fitted at the waist and tapered legs I thought I had better make a toile as I am very pear shaped and therefore had to cut a radically different size at the waist and grade the pattern. I didn’t particularly like the way the toile looked on me, so I decided to change the plan and revert back to my favourite dungarees pattern, the Made By Jacks Mum Heyday Dungarees.

I don’t know why this pattern isn’t more widely seen on social media. Maybe because Made By Jack’s Mum is primarily a children’s pattern company, not a lot of people think of them for ladies patterns? I don’t know but I absolutely love them! These ones I hacked a little bit as I had ordered some of these gorgeous metal buttons to make the Evelyn overalls and I still wanted to use them.

The pattern instructs you to make really long straps and tie them at the front like a very popular brand of RTW dungarees. As I wanted to use buttons I shortened the straps by 8 inches and put buttonholes into the bib. I am really pleased with the look – I am so glad I could still use these buttons on this make as I think they look fab against the green.

The fabric was lovely to work with, it is thick and rigid like a denim with no stretch and was easy to press and sew. It is called a ‘Cotton Twill’ but the twill weave is very subtle, I had to look very closely to identify which was the right and wrong side. This wasn’t a problem, but worth noting if you’re looking for a really defined twill texure (although I’m not sure why you would – but you might!). It didn’t fray or cause any problems while sewing apart from getting really thick in places – where the straps attach to the back bib it’s A LOT of layers so I made sure to use a jeans needle and even on a very basic machine it was completely fine!

I can already tell I am going to be wearing these a lot as they are so comfy and practical, did I mention I went for all the pocket options so there are FIVE pockets in these?! I am thrilled with the quality of the twill and cannot believe it is only £7.99pm! I have a bit leftover and my husband is nagging me for some shorts made out of it, so we will have to see if I have enough to squeeze some out of the scraps for him! Twinning is winning right?!

Until next time, happy sewing!