Hey Gang!

Well it's been a while, so let's get right down to it. This project was devised to I could try a technique I saw on ye olde faithful Pinterest, an all-in-one Hong Kong seam and Underlining. I had no idea what a HK seam was and I have to say it's a bit jazzy! I felt where my sewing was lacking was finishing the seams, so I was going a bit of research into how else to do this other than pinking and the recent fad is seam binding tape. Then I stumbled across a Hong Kong seam where you combine the lining with covering the seam and I'm really impressed with the result.

Cute, right?!

It's very easy to do, too. I chose a nice simple A Line skirt to try this out with in the form of Burda 7531, and thought I'd utilise the new trend to have a play with faux suede fabric!

There's a box pleat version, too, which I'm definitely going to try out!

So anyway, here we go!

When you go to cut out your lining, mark an extra 15mm on your vertical seams.

Line up the edges of your fabric and your lining right sides together and sew.

Press seams.

Turn inside out and lay so the main fabric is flat and the lining comes around the edges, press.

Now just sew up your pieces as normal!

If you have darts, I basted straight down the centre of the dart and used that as a centre mark to fold down and sew as normal.

I went for a feature metal zip. I really made a dogs dinner of it as you'll see from the photo below!

A learning curve ha!

Now I did all the measurements for this before Christmas, and my lack of ability to go to the gym meant that when I'd finished the skirt....it was a bit small! So my new tailor's dummy Jane is modelling it for me here, and I gifted the skirt to my little sister and she loves Tin Tin!

Isn't she a sweetie. A perfect model. I may have to make more things for her, she was ecstatic!

I'm really happy with this kind of binding, but it would certainly take a bit more practice to try it on something like a jacket. It's certainly a great way to finish the inside a garment that is drawn up as unlined, but it sometimes needs a full lining to move with you, I'm not sure it's a good replacement for that!