My usual process in making my clothes is to start with the Fabric, I find a fabric that I like and after buying it I think what can I make with it, this has worked well as I love all the clothes I have made mostly because of the connection I have with them, I spend a lot of time on finding the right pattern and thinking about the details I want to add, trying to learn new techniques and each piece I make helps me become better and gain more experience so every single garment I’ve made is special to me and I love it. There are clothes I’ve made that I don’t wear anymore because my taste has changed through the years but I still love them and can not give them away.

The problem with what I have been doing until now is that not many of my clothes go together so lately I’ve been thinking of planning a bit better, being part of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network has helped a lot as I need to plan in advance my makes so why not plan those makes to match each other and possibly match the clothes I already have?

So, to go with my denim skirt which in the end turned to be the denim culottes from my previous post I wanted to make a cropped blouse, while browsing the fabric section here on Minerva Crafts I found this beautiful Colour Woven Cotton Crepe Fabric that is available in 2 colourways, beige and cream. Buying fabric online it always has some risks as you don’t know if what you see in your screen is what you’ll really receive but what I’ve ordered from Minerva Crafts so far is exactly what I expected. The colour and the texture of this fabric shown in the picture is 100% representative of what I received.

As for the pattern, I was very glad to find out that Minerva Crafts offers also the Merchant and Mills Sewing Patterns, I always wanted to try one of their patterns and The Factory Dress Pattern has been one of my favorites. It is very easy to make it into a blouse as there is a waist seam so if you want to make a cropped blouse like me you just use the pattern pieces as they are or for a longer one you can easily lengthen it.

The instructions of the pattern were very easy to follow, according to my measurements the pattern places me in size 16 but after checking the finished measurements that the pattern provided I concluded in making size 14 as I prefer more fitted clothes.

The only change I made to the design is on the sleeves, the pattern features rolled up sleeves but instead of rolling them up I used loopes to gather them and I really like this look.

The entire blouse is French seamed and I used bias binding to finish the facing, I find the inside of this blouse equally pretty as the outside.