When I chose the beautiful pink and navy striped French Terry Fabric I knew that I wanted something super comfortable to wear, and something that could be worn with any outfit without too much effort.
Let me tell you a little bit about the fabric first of all, well its amazing! Its super easy to cut and sew as its heavier weight than standard jersey, its so comfortable to wear as although it has a little weight, its breathable and isn’t at all clingy. I constructed the whole top on the overlocker apart from the neckline. 
I decided to make the Named Sointu Kimono Tee, I love the simple style but think that it also has a modern edge to it, its such a wearable wardrobe staple.
Because this fabric is wide, I only needed 1.2m making it a cost effective make too.
I wanted to ensure that the stripes match at the side seam so I cut it out on the flat (without the fabric being folded over). I then traced around the pattern piece with chalk, this way I could ensure that the stripes matched.
What I also love about this pattern is that you can either wear it loose, or you can clinch it in at the waist with the tie belt.
I love the sleeves and how the stripes on the cuff run in a different direction making them really stand out, the pattern did state that you could interface the sleeve cuff but I didn’t do this as the fabric had enough stability without this.
I made the belt half the length that it should have been as I wouldn’t have had enough fabric to match the stripes if I’d have made it the full length, but it still turned out fine.
The pattern is super simple and quick to make, the only area that I found a little tricky was the neckline, you add a knit bias strip and then turn it to the inside, I found that my bias strip kept on curling up so it was really difficult to stitch evenly, I got there in the end though, but you can see a tiny bit of the bias strip peeking out (a design feature of course :)
I love how the finished top looks, I think that the design is quite flattering on my unshapely figure as I feel that it makes me look curvier than I actually am when its worn with the tie belt.
Its the perfect summer top, so bright and very easy and comfortable to wear.
Thanks for reading and have a super week!
Mel xx