I don’t think I have ever been as excited to show off a sewing project as I am today! My January makes are so comfortable, practical, and have expanded my wardrobe choices splendidly. First off, I’ll talk about my bodysuits. That’s right, bodysuits! I feel like bodysuits are one of those garments that you either think are fantastic or can’t stand to put on your body. I tended to be the latter, until, that is, Closet Case Files came out with the Nettie Bodysuit Sewing Pattern a couple of years ago, I saw so many lovely versions that I desperately wanted to make one up for myself and see if it was really all that great.

Well, I have finally done it! I only had two yards of a 52” wide, deep red Scuba Jersey Fabric. As I was laying out the pattern pieces, I realized that I would be able to cut out two bodysuits and still have a few larger scraps left over. Since I was using such a firm knit that had slightly less stretch than recommended in the pattern, I went up a size and used size 12 from the bust to the waist, and graded out to size 16 in the hips. The sleeves were cut at a straight size 12. I used the high back and scoop front options from the pattern.

The first bodysuit sewed up super quickly. I had it completed in two or three hours. I sewed it entirely on my serger. When I tried it on, it had several fit issues. The shoulder seam was much, much too short, the armhole was way too high and digging into my armpit, and the sleeves felt like sausage casings. Everything else was pretty much spot on. I added an inch to the shoulder seam, dropped the armhole an inch and added two inches to the sleeve width. After that, I was ready to cut out bodysuit 2.0. It went together even faster than the first and it fit like a dream!

For the adjusted bodysuit, I didn't put the leg bands on. Instead I just serged around the leg opening. That way, I can wear it with snug dress pants without awkward lines showing through. I used the snap crotch opening on both bodysuits, on the first one I used three Plastic Snaps and on the second I only used two to reduce a little bulk. The snaps were super easy to apply with the Snap Tools, and I am pretty sure I never want to use buttons again! I even commandeered my husband to help me install some snaps because I wanted to show him how much fun they were to install.

The second garment I made is probably my favorite make in the last six months. I don’t know that I have ever owned a gray skirt. I initially intended to use this amazing Stretch Suiting Fabric as another bodysuit, but when I received it, it wasn’t as stretchy as I had hoped. It has a lovely stretch one way, but none the other. I wracked my brains trying to come up with something to make with it. I tossed around the idea of some wide-legged palazzo pants, but in the end decided that I wanted a maxi gored skirt.

I used just the skirt portion of the By Hand London Anna Dress. I’m not sure what size I used because I have had the pattern traced off of the original for several years and I neglected to write down what size it is. . . Anyway, I used the pattern as is and was easily able to get this maxi skirt out of two metres of fabric. Let me tell you, this material was a dream to work with! The stitches seemed to just sink into it and despite it’s stretch, it sewed just like a woven. The stretch is going across the body so the skirt won't droop weirdly along the hem.  

I used a basic, self-drafted waistband with a side zipper. I have worn this skirt several times since I finished it. It is seriously one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have ever worn. It goes splendidly with both t-shirts and blouses. I can wear it with pretty much anything. I was very surprised with how easily it slipped into constant rotation in my wardrobe. I have a feeling that it will get worn regularly throughout the next several months. I am excited to see how it works in the summer time. Because of it’s fullness, I don’t think it will be too hot.

The last thing I have to show isn’t related to clothing at all! When I was browsing through the Minerva Crafts website I saw this tulip Cross Stitch Kit. Tulips are my favorite flowers, so I knew I just had to have it. It was so simple to work up, and it was a fantastic change from working on all my other hobbies. I have only recently become more interested in cross stitch and this has confirmed my love for it. I have framed the finished piece and I intend to keep it somewhere that I can look at it all the time. I find it so to be simple and beautifully inspiring.

Have a jolly day!