I love a portable project and always have one on the go. Something for those 2 hrs I get to sit down with my husband in front of the television during the evening, but also something that can travel.

So when choosing this project, with a holiday coming up, I discovered this ready marked blue Sashiko fabric.

Sashiko is a form of Japanese folk embroidery using a variation of a running stitch to create a patterned background. Traditionally made in geometric patterns with white cotton thread on indigo blue fabric, the designs include straight or curved lines of stitching arranged in a repeating pattern.

This fabric from Minerva also comes in circles or squares.  It’s ready marked up; you’d normally mark up the fabric using a template and chalk, so it’s kind of cheating!

So armed with 6 skeins of white embroidery thread and a long Sashiko needle this portable kit travelled with me to Cambodia and Vietnam for some early morning me time on the balcony each day.

I had in mind the Named Patterns Nummi Bag from the Breaking the Pattern book. The perfect beach bag for future travels.

It needed a 1.2m embroidered panel, so I had plenty to keep me occupied long after the holiday, until around Christmas!

However, I ran out of white thread. I created an ombre effect on one side with some stash thread which actually worked rather well.

When I finally got to the making part, in order to keep the embroidery from fraying, and also to add body, I block-interfaced the back of the completed Sashiko embroidery panel before cutting out.

I used some tougher stash broadcloth for the lining to provide strength.

It’s a simple make but comes with some lovely details.

French seams.

Pretty Hong Kong binding for inside the base.

I love it.

It’s almost too beautiful to use!!

Love,  Lucie xx

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