Hello again!
I can’t quite believe that this is my 12th make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network already and I’m so happy it’s this girls dress as I love everything about it!
Back at the beginning of Summer this year I bought my daughter some simple lightweight jersey dresses from the supermarket to wear as beach style coverups on our holiday. I think they were sold in a pack of three for about £10, so you have some idea as to their overall quality. They were ideal as quick cover ups but annoyingly she loved them and pretty much point blank refused to wear anything else. All those beautiful garments (bought and made) were relegated to the bottom of the heap as she repeatedly insisted on wearing these neon bright el cheapo dresses. Even when they’d shrank to nothing in the wash!
But it got me thinking as to what really constitutes the ideal Everyday Dress for young girls. It turns out that jersey is the business, as is a fit n flare shape. No fastenings. And bright colours. Game on, daughter!
I’d seen some lovely versions of the Kensington Dress by Becca of redwsews which was my intro to Hey June Patterns (find the pattern here). The shape of the dress is pretty much the same as the supermarket ones. But with the addition of two sleeve options, two neck binding finishes, optional neck placket and pockets. You can even make it into a trendy tee and use up all of your offcuts!
Plus of course the option to make it in some really lovely quality fabric! And that’s exactly what this hearts and stars Jersey Fabric is. A true medium weight cotton, poly and elastane blend jersey with four way stretch. It comes in two colourways and I opted for the pink. It’s lovely and soft and handles really well, an absolute joy to sew with.
I decided to go for the plain version of the dress – no neck placket or pockets - so as to closely match those dratted supermarket dresses. But I did add on seasonal long sleeves as I loved the idea of the sleeve tab so she can wear them rolled up up if she wants. In fact that’s her favourite feature of the dress.
The dress is as simple to sew as you might imagine. Mind you, Hey June’s instructions are so detailed and in depth you’d be hard pushed to go wrong in any event. And did I mention how cheap this pattern is?! 
I cut the size 8 as she’s 7.5 and I wanted it to last more than two nanoseconds. I’m really happy with the length and fit though the sleeves are a tad long. I’m sure they’ll be perfect next week!
I decided to do the top stitching using two Gutermann Threads, a pink and a grey, to pick up on the colours in the fabric using a 4mm Stretch Twin Needle and I really like the effect. The sleeve buttons I used are grey love hearts which I’d previously salvaged off something else. 
And thank goodness she loves the dress and we’ve finally been able to dump the supermarket nasties in the bin as this is now all she wants to wear. Although, typically, she’s less keen to pose for photographic evidence of this! Which means, of course, I need to sew her at least two more for the winter. There’s a gorgeous array of Cute Jersey Fabrics in a similar price bracket and blend so we’re scouring through those for the next ones. It would also be great as a Christmas dress made up in a Stretch Velvet Fabric and of course, the short sleeved versions will see her through summer.
It really is the perfect Everyday Girl’s Dress!
Until next time, have a great festive season and I’ll see you back here in the New Year! 
Sarah x