Hello all! For this months Minerva Make I decided that I needed something to combat the impending cold and this Atelier Brunette French Terry Fabric fit the bill perfectly. I aimed to make the perfect layering piece.

This fabric is soft, as in really soft. The looped back of the fabric makes it really comfortable to wear against the skin. It's quite lightweight, which I like because it can layer under coats with no problem. My machine had no problems sewing the fabric as it's pretty stable which meant that it was also no trouble to cut.

I originally thought that it would be pretty simple to modify the Grainline Lark Tee Sewing Pattern to be the perfect jumper, but after cutting it out and sewing it together I soon realised why Jen has a whole other pattern for a sweatshirt. Luckily I had enough to cut out another jumper, and I used a vintage pattern which was fabulously oversized which was the look I wanted.

I kept everything as is, apart from the sleeve length and the cuff size. I learnt in a leotard fitting yesterday that the right way to test the sleeve length is by holding out your arms horizontal to the floor. As you can see in the first photo of this post I was not privy to this information before I made this jumper. Apart from the false start, it was a pretty quick sew with not very many seams or head scratching involved which was nice. I sewed the whole thing with a zigzag on my normal sewing machine. Also, no hems due to the neck binding, sleeve cuffs and hem band!

I have worn this jumper many many times. In fact, I'm wearing it now, and it will be worn many a time again.

Thanks to Minerva Crafts for the materials for this project and to Zoe for the pictures,

Lauren xx