The perfect close fitting wrap top in a beautiful printed Ponte Roma Knit fabric.

It will thankfully soon that time of year when we want to wear a top with sleeves in place of a heavy pullover. January can be a miserable time of year but it is made more cheerful for me by starting to make some new spring clothes.

I have already had a sort out and taken some garments to the charity shop, at the same time cleaning the wardrobe interiors ready for my new spring and summer clothes. There's no point in hanging onto clothes I will never wear, so I am quite ruthless. Besides there is now room for lovely new makes.

A long sleeved top with an interesting draped wrap front is the perfect transition garment. This pattern by Butterick  has four variations, each one perfect in its own right so you have plenty of choices on how to make this pattern your own.

The version I chose is C but I do intend making some of the others too.

To make this top a moderately stretch knit is needed. This Ponte Roma is perfect. It is a jersey knit in my favourite colour Blue.

It stretches but yet is stable enough to hold its shape at the neckline which is important for this project.

When cutting out be aware that the pattern layout needs a bit of thought as the fronts are cut out on a single piece of fabric and the back and sleeves on a double layer as normal . This is for view C but the other views also require similar treatment. The pattern company has gone to some trouble to explain how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric so do use them.

All grainlines need to be measured so that they are the same distance from the selvedge all the way down, otherwise your fabric will not ever hang properly.

On my version, the right front needs gathering. Do this with a double row of the longest straight stitch your machine does.

Pin the side to the back gathering and pinning the drape evenly first.

To stitch this fabric I always use a very narrow zigzag ( 0:5) I find that this works every bit as well as any other stitch, and means that you don't need a sewing machine which sews special stretch stitches

The raw edges are turned in by 5/8" and stitched. Ponte Roma is very well behaved even on curved necklines so it will hem easily and will not fray

When choosing your size on this particular pattern I would go by your bust size. It is a very close fitting style so you may have to go up a size if you like a looser fit.

If in any doubt then please do make a test garment.

This is such a simple pattern to sew and I am really pleased with how easy the top is to wear. The draping disguises any lumps and bumps too!

The sleeves on this particular style ought to be much longer, but it is my personal preference for 3/4 length sleeves so I used the cutting line for view D.

I do love the colour and pattern of this fabric, an abstract design is a lovely change from plain fabrics and it diverts the eye.

Thank you to Minerva for this lovely fabric.

Do make this top, you won't regret it .