This month for my Minerva Crafts blogger network project I thought I’d choose a tried and tested pattern: the Megan dress, which appears in Tilly’s book ‘Love at First Stitch’. I made my first version of this dress using beautiful Fabric from Minerva, and I wear it a lot. I love the shape of the dress and it feels great to wear.

I chose an absolute Classic Fabric (in my opinion) - black with white polka dots. I’m not sure how I’ve been sewing for so long and never made anything with this fabric before - it will go with EVERYTHING and be fabulous in the winter with black tights (and in the summer with black tights because this is British summer). This fabric is lovely quality and is 60” wide. I ordered 2m just in case, but actually 1.5m would have been fine - I was being overly cautious as usual!

I did have a bit of last-minute doubt about making a completely monochrome dress, so I chose a red Lace Exposed Zipper for the centre back seam, just to add a little bit of interest. 

I really like these zippers. They come on a roll and you buy them by the metre, and for each metre you get two zipper pulls. This has worked out well for me as it means I still have another zip left over for a future dress! Plus, they are the easiest zips in the world to sew on.

The last time I made a Megan dress I was unhappy with the sleeves as I thought they were a little bit too puffy at the top. This time, I ignored Tilly’s instructions and inserted them flat, allowing me to control the gathers better and distribute them more evenly. As a result I am much happier with them.

I’m very pleased with the finish of the dress - I took care over every step - didn’t rush and didn’t skip anything - and made sure everything was as good as I could get it. This is generally how I sew: I’m quite thorough and methodical, and I find my clothes last years because they are well made. It only took me four hours of concentrated sewing to make: I started pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric ready for cutting out at half past nine, and by just after half past one I had finished the dress and tidied the sewing room ready for my next project!

Thank you to Minerva for supplying the fabric, thread and zip for this dress.