This Ralph Rucci pattern (Vogue 1404) got my attention months ago and I just could not wait to give it a try. I love all those interesting details that this pattern has and although I knew it would be quite challenging to make I just went for it.

The pattern calls for synthetic suede, linen or shantung fabrics but I didn't use any of those, the fabric that I chose is this gorgeous and super soft Cotton Corduroy Fabric that was a dream to sew. In the site it is described as a yellow colour but I would call it more of an orange colour.

The design of this pattern is so interesting, I have never made any similar dress concerning the design and the construction. There is actually a partial side seam and a partial waste seam, that's because the front top pattern incorporates part of the front skirt as well and after you sew the centre front seam you end up having a T shaped piece were in the end is attached the rest of the skirt. This means that you have to sew a corner seam which let me tell you it is a hard thing to do!

Needles to say that this pattern was our of my comfort zone but nonetheless I enjoyed making it as I think it is nice to challenge yourself every now and then. 

I learned a lot making this dress and only for that it was worth it. The instructions ask you to actually edgestitch and topstitch almost every single seam and then cut the excess seam allowance, you can imagine how many stitches my sewing machine made to complete this dress! 

As I said I really enjoyed making this dress, the downside is that unfortunately it does not fit me as it it way to big, you can not tell clearly from the pictures but believe me it doesn't, I actually need to open the zipper only to get it out of my head, that's how big it is! I always go two sizes down when I use big 4 patterns but I don't know what I was thinking this time and I trusted the pattern, I made a size 18 and I should have made a 14 instead. A smarter person would have made a muslin first considering the amount of work this pattern needs but that was not me, actually I only make muslins for coats but this pattern demands one too. If I had used a drape fabric I would not mind it being roomy but as this fabric has some structure it does not look flattering at all.

Hopefully my next make will be more sucessful,

Till then take care,