Good Morning everyone! I hope you all spent the holidays eating excellent food, relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Right before Christmas I sat down and made my first proper pair of trousers and I couldn‘t be more excited about them. When Pauline Alice Patterns released their newest patterns in late summer, I really loved the look of the Romero Trousers but was worried about fitting them. You see, I have never made a pair of proper trousers before! People had told me that they are not hard to sew and fit, but I felt that my skill set was not up to par, yet. 

When I joined the MCBN, I chose three patterns that would challenge my skills and would push me to branch out and take on projects I might have avoided, because they intimidated me. These trousers were one of those projects and I can‘t believe I was so afraid of sewing trousers!!!! Firstly, I‘d like to let you know how absolutely amazing the instructions are. The pockets and button band of the Romeros look quite challenging but are comically easy to put together. To be honest, this might have been the most difficult part of the entire pattern! 

I wanted to turn the Romero Trousers into a pair of cropped Sailor Trouser, and chose this poly Twill Fabric in navy. The fabric is lovely, barely wrinkles and presses really nicely. I cut out a size 38, and the trousers are a bit snug. Since I really want to make a pair of shorts for summer and I might just make them in the same size, using a smaller seam allowance, in the future. 

I went with these 24 mm Red Buttons, to give the trousers that “Ahoy Matey“, Sailor look I was going for and thought that using a monochromatic fabric for the lining pieces, would give the trousers a bit more character. I used this Art Gallery Poplin Fabric for the pockets and the inner waistband. 

Speaking of waistbands, I used the curved waistband of Simplicity 8175. I call it my MASTER WAISTBAND, every time I attach it to (any) garment, the fit is 100% improved (THERE IS NO MORE GAPING!!!). All you need to do is adjust the width and the length, to the original waistband of the pattern you‘re using and then attach it using a 1.5 cm seam allowance. If there was ever a sewing secret I could give you for better fitting clothes - this would be it! 

I made this Jennifer LaurenceVintage Gable top using this Ponte Roma Fabric about two years ago and I still wear it on heavy rotation. The quality of the fabric speaks for itself, as it is laundered and tumble dried at least once a week and there is no pilling, whatsoever. I love how the top and the trousers work together, this might be my new uniform, once it is war enough to wear slides again! If you‘re still on the fence about making up a pair of trousers, look no further. The Romero trousers are beginner friendly, they look fabulous and I had a great time putting them together. 


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