As soon as I saw the Estuary skirt in my Instagram feed I knew I had to make it.

It's just my style, flattering gathers, elasticated back, button plackets and best of all huge statement pockets.

I find this style so easy to wear, it can be worn really casual with a t-shirt, or can be dressed up with a fancy cami and heels (not that I ever wear heels). 

It was definitely a great choice for my “thoughtful sewer” mindset that I'm trying (and mostly achieving). What I mean by this is that I no longer want to make “all the things”, I want to make what I know I will wear and will work well with other items in my wardrobe.

The fabric that I chose is a lovely Denim Chambray Fabric. It's soft and light but is very easy to work with. It is a beautiful shade of blue, a shade that will work through all of the seasons. For now it works perfectly for summer, but will also be great in autumn/winter with tights, and the fabric doesn't feel as though it will cling to tights which is an added bonus.

Construction wise the skirt is pretty easy, the pockets are patch style so easy to attach, I decided to topstitch using a topstitch thread in orange to give it that true denim feel, I also decided to topstitch the button placket.

I really liked how the waistline comes together, it is elasticated at the back but flat at the front. I personally find this style flattering (rather than a fully elasticated waist) as you don't get the bulk. You gather the 2 front pieces of the skirt so it still has a lovely shape.

One thing that I would do differently next time is to use slightly firmer elastic for the back waist, the pattern instructs to use soft elastic but I like the stability of something a little firmer.

You can either make a faux button placket version, where you simply sew the button on without button holes, or you can sew button holes so that the skirt can be fully opened, have a guess which I opted for.

That's right, I did the faux. I thought to myself why risk messing it up when I don't need a functional button placket?

I decided to use up some of my beautiful whim wham buttons. I couldn't decide on the colour so opted for multi color, this means that the skirt will go with pretty much anything.

I wanted the skirt to have a “show a bit of leg” feel about it, so I only added buttons to just above the knee. This may be the only reason why I'd add actual button holes in the future, as button holes would enable me to choose how much leg to show.

You can make the skirt in various lengths, I went with the midi length which turned out lovely, I would like to try a maxi length one day though.

I think that this skirt would work well in a variety of different fabrics, even more structured ones for a totally different look, I know that I will make more versions in the future.

In summary, there is nothing that I don’t like about this skirt, its easy to construct, super comfortable to wear, has super deep pockets and it allows you to really personalise it through your fabric and button choice.
I’m so pleased that I chose the chambray as it worked so well with this pattern.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing.