This is the most desirable summer top I have ever seen, and the Fabric totally amazing. You will honestly love it and will want to wear it all summer long.

First of all let's look at the Sewing Pattern. Doesn't it speak to you of warm summer days?

It is an extremely easy make so if you are new to sewing there is absolutely nothing that even a very inexperienced sewist cannot manage easily and it  is certain to give you confidence in your ability.

The back of the pattern explains that this is a very loose fit, and I would go further and say that it is an extremely loose fit. So read the measuring instructions and be prepared to go down one or more sizes. I usually cut out a Size 12 but in this case I cut out a Size 8 and still made adjustments.

I must tell you about the Gauze Fabric. It is stunning and amazing - you have to see it to believe it, but trust me it is gorgeous.

This fabric is very cleverly made. There is a base layer of a fabric which looks like a cheesecloth,then there is a layer of gauze quilted over it in a square design and inside each quilted pocket are tiny multicoloured sequins. The sequins are free to move about which adds so much beauty and movement to the fabric. Be warned though, as you cut your fabric you will end up with tiny sequins everywhere!

When I say sequins, I don't mean that the fabric sparkles, it doesn't, these sequins shimmer and shine so the effect is very subtle.

It is suitable for tops, skirts, dresses and is a medium thickness but is very lightweight.

What I adore about this pattern is that there are two versions, one with sleeves and one without and there are two separate patterns for each. I have never come across this before. It is printed on paper too - not tissue, so you can easily use it time and time again.

The instructions are very easy to understand and there is a lot of information as you go along, they are so good it is almost as though the designer is talking directly to you.

There is a choice of how low you want your neckline to be. The two suggested points on the centre front are marked with pins on the photograph ,however it doesn't matter where you want your opening to end, you can make your own choice.

There is a cute detail on the shoulders, these tabs are sewn on after the shoulder seam in stitched. It is recommended that interfacing is used, but this particular fabric is stable so I didn't use any. If you choose a lighter weight fabric you will need some lightweight iron on interfacing to add structure to the shoulder - which is the focal point.

I said earlier that I needed to make adjustments to the sizing? This is the top after the sleeves had been inserted and the side seams sewn.

I felt that it was too big for my taste - I am used to wearing more structured garments - so I took the collar off and took the back in by about three inches. I had to add a centre back seam to do this, but perhaps a better way to avoid a seam would have been to recut the back completely. I admit to being lazy though and didn't want to pull the whole thing apart, that's why I added a seam instead.

Having reduced the width to suit me I am happy with the result. Note I said to suit me, you might have different views to me and prefer it as intended.

The top is cool and airy and will be fabulous in the summer. The fabric doesn't weigh much so it is perfect for packing in your case to take on holiday. It also has a crinkled finish so you can easily rinse it through and it will drop dry in no time.

This top has proved to be a great success. Sometimes a fabric and a pattern are meant for each other don't you think.

If you want to make it in silk or crepe-de-chene they would be perfect choices too and you would get a different draped look to the top. Either way, this top is set to be your favourite go-to summer garment with jeans or a long flowing skirt.

Me? I'm just going to put the heating on full and lie on the sofa with my fan and imagine I am lying on a sunbed somewhere nice and warm. Join me?

Thank you for this amazing fabric and pattern Minerva, both are simply beautiful.