Hello Everyone! After taking a tiny little break I am back with my newest Project - The Sew Over It Cocoon Coat. Yes, I am aware that it’s August and therefore still summer, but hear me out: Every year I get surprised by the “sudden” arrival of autumn and attempt to sew myself new garments for the new season and stress myself out to no end. This year, I decided to make a few pieces for the colder season, in summer, to take the pressure off myself and tie me over until the new autumn/winter trends get sprung on us.

I chose this awesome pink Viscose Coating Fabric, which I already used in the Mint Colorway in the beginning of the year (read all about it here!), which is super soft, wonderful to work with, presses nicely and comes at a fantastic price point. I also used this Cotton Lawn Fabric with a very cute bird print on it  and this Acetate Lining Fabric for the sleeves, which makes getting in and out of your coat so much easier. As the coating I quite thick and stable, I only interfaced the pieces you’re supposed to interface (don’t worry this pattern comes with pattern pieces for all the bits that need to be interfaced!), I did however quilt a  fleece blanket to the all the lining pieces, for extra warmth.

To do that, cut out all the lining pieces using a fleece blanket, place the lining pieces on top of the blanket pieces and pin together. Using a quilting ruler and tailors chalk or a frixion pen, trace lines at 3 inch intervals onto the lining pieces, then stitch along these lines.  Lining/blanket pieces are now one piece and you can assemble the lining according to the instructions. As there aren’t’ that many lining pieces, I think it’s really worth the effort and you’ll be snug as a bug in your new coat! (This also works for any other coat or jacket pattern, that you’d like to add warmth to!)

A far as the pattern is concerned, it is part of the Lisa Comfort Magazine, that you can get here. If you chose to make the version with the welt pockets (DO IT!!!!) you will find a link  for the pattern piece on the first part of the instructions. The placement of the welt pocket is marked on the front pattern piece, so don’t worry about it! The instructions are really good and there are comprehensive photographs for every step of the sew along. If you having a bit of trouble trying to figure out how to bag the coat (aka how to attach the lining to the coat and turn it inside out) I recommend this tutorial by Grainline Studios. Pro tip: Instead of leaving a gap in the sleeve  when turning the coat insides out, leave a big gap on one of the side seams of the lining. It makes it a lot easier to the coat out this way, as it’s rather bulky and may rip the  lining in the sleeve.

I have attached a fastener to the coat , yet. I will definitely sew on a snap when the time comes, German Autumns and winters can be quite brutal and nobody needs a flapping coat when you’re trying to stay warm! On that note I hope summer has no plans to bow out, just yet and if it does, I’m ready for autumn! Talk soon!