The T-shirt is a great piece of wardrobe to start discovering the sewing with knits journey. And to have some quick selfless sewing projects.
I was going to sew my husband a nice casual T-shirt for quite a while. I was looking for fun prints but unfortunately never had any success with picking appropriate ones. It seems like most prints are too childish or feminine. Not good for a serious man… So I went the safe way with plain fabric.
The Jersey Fabric I picked is perfect for a T-shirt. It’s not see-through, but at the same time, it’s not too thick. And it’s very soft and comfortable, which makes it absolutely great. Even though it’s a single jersey fabric, I had no problems using it for the neckline band. 
The pattern I used is Simplicity 1286. I was thinking of getting a T-shirt one first but then skipped this idea. I love versatile multi-purpose patterns and since I already had Simplicity 1286 in my stash, I decided to avoid a new introduction to an already big pattern collection. All I had to do was to omit the placket slit and redesign the neckline and shoulders. I used a RTW T-shirt that fits nicely to get the idea of how exactly to alter my pattern. It’s an extremely easy hack that doesn’t require any complicated pattern drafting skills or experience. I also adjusted the sleeve and body lengths. 
The real game-changer was the silicone tape Vilene Framilastic. It’s an essential tool for working with jersey since it’s way too frustrating to sew something that fits perfectly…until seams stretch out. In this case I had to stabilize only the shoulders and neckline. I used Hemline clear tape before and it was a big disaster. It was sticking to the machine feet, breaking, breaking the thread, etc. I decided to experiment this time and use Vilene one. And it was like I’ve never had any bad experiences with the clear tape before! It felt like I don’t use any clear tape at all and have a regular smooth sewing experience. Such a perfect feeling I must say!
I used a lot of tips form A Beginner's Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics by Wendy Ward. For example, that’s where I found the perfect formula for the neckband, along with some stitches suggestions. After reading this book I hem my jersey projects with a triple zig-zag stitch and I absolutely love it.
I loved working on this T-shirt and I’m sure I’ll sew some more, maybe in some appropriate prints if I ever pick one. I can highly recommend this pattern if you don’t mind changing and altering them. Overall, the T-shirt is a great project for when you’re too busy to sew something complicated, but still wish to create something wearable and simple.