Hi Minerva Crafters, for this month's make I went for the Appleton Dress, a pattern from Cashmerette. I've used this pattern twice in the past to make what is one of my favourite dress , as it was a winter dress I wanted to make a new one for the summer and here you can see how my second Appleton looks like.

I have not seen a woman that does not look gorgeous in a wrap dress and this style along with the shirt dress are my favourite styles, I could easily wear only this two style of dresses!

This pattern features a v neckline with a neckband constructed in a way to prevent from gaping and a build in waist tie.

When it came to choose a fabric I was looking for cotton or viscose jerseys as I knew for sure I wanted a breathable fabric, summers are very hot in Athens so anything in polyester is definitely a no for me. One of my choices was this lovely floral Viscose Jersey Fabric with lycra  that comes in three colourways, I went for the blue one but I find all three colourways to be pretty. This fabric is so soft in the touch and very pleasant to wear.

The construction of this dress is so easy that one can sew it in just a few hours, it has 4 pattern pieces, two for front, one for the back and the sleeves. I always attach the sleeves open which apart for being easier to attach them it is also a time saver as I close the side seam of the dress and the sleeve at once.

The pattern has you to cut one of the front pieces, the one that goes under the top part of the wrap, a few centimetres narrower than the one that wraps on top of the two pieces, I prefer to cut both of them the same as it is quicker to do so and I had enough fabric so why not.

I don't have a serger so as all my garments made with jersey fabrics I used my sewing machine and it works just fine. I usually use a straight stitch in all vertical seams and a stretch seam in the horizontal seams or wherever I think the garments needs to stretch. I don't really like the stretch seam as it is very difficult to unpick it so whenever it is possible I try to avoid it. I don't make super fitted garments so sewing those vertical seams with a straight stitch was never a problem and I have garments made in the same way from 4 years ago and everything is still in place :).

One last thing that I want to add is that I didn't interface the neck band but I did interface the belt as I wanted it to have a structured and more professional look.

I'm glad I made a summer version of the Appleton Dress, a pattern that I highly recommend even for beginners as it is very easy to sew you just need to use the write needle for stretchy fabrics and within a few hours you end up with a flattering dress.

Take care,