Hey Minerva Makers!

It’s Vicky of Sewstainability here with my latest Blogger Network make. I chose to make the Sew Over It Susie Blouse out of this beautiful Lady McElroy Fabric. I absolutely love the print but I didn’t realise the flowers are MASSIVE! When the fabric arrived I was a bit worried that I had ordered it with plans to make a top – would the big print be lost on a small garment? Should I have ordered more and chosen to make a dress to display this beautiful print? After some deliberation I decided, I chose a top because I needed more tops in my wardrobe - so a top it would become!

I am really happy with this decision as I actually think the big print makes a nice top! I spent a while moving the pattern around on the fabric so I could get my ideal fabric placement and I am pleased with the finished effect – I really wanted to display some of the bigger blooms while simultaneously avoiding flower-boobs! A fine line that I think I managed to navigate quite successfully!

This was the first time I’ve tried a Sew Over It pattern (I know, where have I been right?!), even though there are loads of SOI patterns I would like to make, I’ve just not gotten around to them before. I thought the instructions were clear and the pattern was easy to use, definitely suitable for beginners! I struggled a little with the sizing though – my measurements came in at a size 12 at the bust and a 14 at the waist and hips. I was a bit worried about making it too small as there aren’t any fastenings to this top – no zips or buttons, it just goes on over the head.

I went with the straight size 14 as I didn’t want to have any problems pulling it on or off. Good job I did! The bodice fit just fine, no problems getting it on but the sleeves were sooo tight! Like, I could barely get them on, definitely couldn’t lift my arms kind of too-tight! I read around a few blogs and saw several people saying the same. I took the sleeves apart and sewed them again with a 0.5cm seam allowance and they fit fine now! It was also a little tight around the hips but I folded up a nice deep hem and that was problem solved! Phew!

Being a cotton poplin, this fabric was easy to sew and presses beautifully. I think it would make beautiful pleats and would make a gorgeous pleated skirt, and the collar for this top came together so nicely I also think it would make a beautiful shirt or shirtdress! Basically, I have loads of ideas for other things to make with this fabric!

As cotton poplin is often used as the base for quilting cottons, they can sometimes be quite narrow. I think this is definitely a poplin intended for garment sewing as it comes in at a lovely 56 inches wide. I like getting good value for money and I definitely like it when I can get a fabric that’s nice and wide!

Altogether I am chuffed to bits with my new top, I am so glad I managed to rescue it after it almost didn’t fit me! You can see me wearing it with my mustard viscose twill skirt I already blogged about but I also plan to wear it with jeans and underneath pinafore dresses.

As always, thank you to Minerva for the supplies and until next time, happy sewing!