Hi there! 

Welcome to my latest post for Minerva. I’m really excited to share my make with you today as they have been on my wish list for quite some time now and I’ve been too scared to tackle them.

So what classes as scary sewing? Well, when nature’s gift is a more than generous rear, trousers are pretty scary. I’ve dabbled a few times over the years, never quite getting there, but this time I was determined.

I chose to make the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers Sewing Pattern, which I bought as part of their online Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers class. The class includes these and the easier Carrie trousers and has loads of tutorials of what adjustments to make depending on what your trousers look like made up.

I was looking for a summery make, so plumped for this glorious Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric. The print is awesome, big, bright blue and white flowers on a dense black background; love it! The simple style lines of the trousers lend themselves to such a loud print too; the trousers are ankle length, with a simple waist band facing and a side invisible zip.

Because my measurements exactly matched the pattern envelope (unheard of!), I decided to take a risk and make up the trousers exactly as per the instructions, without any amendments. And actually, I pretty much got away with it!

Fit is obviously much easier in a stretch fabric; it’s just that bit more forgiving than a straight woven. I’m not sure I’d have gotten away with it in a normal woven; I don’t usually post side profile photos on the internet, but you can see on this where most of my hip measurement sits! But with this fabric, there’s enough give to handle the extra curve, without being too stretchy to hold the shape.

The pattern was (as ever with Sew Over It) really easy to follow and very well drafted. I did find that cutting my pieces out in a single layer rather than on the fold saved a lot of fabric. Which was a good thing because I managed to cut out the same leg twice, rather than one of each leg! And still had enough left to cut the other leg out. Lesson learned; do not cut late at night after a long day of work and children!

The pattern instructions themselves were very clear, although the online videos also help if you’re less confident. They also include guidance on making the pants high waisted, adding a waistband and making all kinds of fit adjustments. I think my next pair will be high waisted with a slightly longer leg so I could wear a small heel with them.

This pair however is the perfect summer holiday garment; I’m already picturing myself wearing them in my favourite restaurant in Paphos with a cold drink and endless supplies of pitta bread, dips and olives; roll on summer!

Thanks Minerva!

Becca x