Hello all! This months Minerva project has had thousands of iterations in my head, and it took the deadline being less than 24 hours away for me to decide what I wanted this fabric to become. In the end I settled for a simple V neck blouse with slightly flared sleeves and the lovely pearl-like buttons going down the centre front.
The Fabric is a lovely silk cotton blend which is beautifully soft to the touch. It's very lightweight which makes it quite sheer, and it was this fact that made deciding what I wanted to make such a headache. I wanted this gorgeous floaty blouse, but I also needed it to not be see through. In the end I ended up backing the front and the back pieces with scraps of cotton lawn left over from a previous make. This meant that I lost a little of the lovely drape of the silk cotton blend but at least I didn't need to worry about how potentially revealing the blouse was going to be. I didn't underline the sleeves, so they're nice and floaty. 
I used my basic pattern block as a base and just straighted the side seams, ignoring any darts and adding a couple of inches to the length. The V neckline was drawn in and extra added to the centre front to allow for buttonholes. The back was cut on the fold. It was a pretty quick sew, all things considered, the only hand sewing being sewing the buttons on at the very end. The outer fabric and the underlining were overlooked together at the beginning and I started with the shoulder seams and finished the neckline and the centre front with a facing. This is such a speedy way to finish a neckline instead of using bias binding! Then it was the side seams and attaching the sleeves. And then suddenly it was time to hem! The only thing left to do was the buttonholes and that's when it all went down the proverbial drain. Firstly I couldn't decide whether horizontal and vertical buttonholes would work better and as soon as I'd seen a perfect vertical buttonhole I realised that horizontal ones were actually the way to go. So I unpicked my perfect buttonhole and commenced with the horizontal ones. This was where the nightmare began. The machine wasn't playing nice and just didn't want to finish any of the buttonholes. So then I had to do them manually which doesn't look as neat. When all the buttonholes were done I used my seam ripper to open them and went too far with one of them, cutting right through to the edge of the fabric. Argh! But at this point I had no time to have a strop or an angry cry so I just had to repair it as best I could and finish up. All in all you'd really have to look closely to notice so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, or wear this blouse any less!
All in all, after all of the drama I love this top and got a heap of compliments and I'm excited to get a good amount of wear out of it!
Thanks for reading and to Minerva for providing the supplies for this project!
Lauren xx