Have you discovered Thread Theory Designs Sewing Patterns yet? I've only just come across them and, as far as I can gather, they're an Indie US company specialising in patterns for men and they are responsible for this month's project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Mr H-L had just mentioned that he needed some more boxer shorts at the most opportune time as, at that moment, I was drooling over the huge range of Art Gallery Fabrics at Minerva and wondering what excuse I could find to buy some more.

So, this is the pattern........

......and THIS is the fabric!!

I asked hubby what he thought of it and he said "Yes please" straight away, no persuasion necessary!

With such an emphatic response, there was no way I was going to play it safe with black waistband elastic, oh no! I picked out the almost neon-pink from the 'Wildberry' text and matched it to the elastic. These trunks are not for the faint hearted!

First of all, I must say a word about the pattern. 

I know it's just packaging and it shouldn't make a jot of difference.....but it does!

It's unlike any other pattern company I know. The cardboard outer is sturdy, not to mention very attractive. The twisty closure thingy is very appealing and, when undone, the whole thing falls open like an envelope to reveal its contents - a card instruction brochure and (herein lies the only disappointment) a paper pattern sheet. The quality thus far had suggested that the pattern paper might be of the thick, white paper variety and it's a shame it isn't.

Clever marketing makes use of the inside of the envelope too, with illustrations of some of their other available designs. Oh, I almost forgot - they also include a label to sew into the finished garment, which are so nice that I immediately ordered an extra pack of ten to add to the other boxers that I have already made!

Now, I'm the impatient type of dressmaker who can't be arsed to trace off a pattern unless it's absolutely necessary. I also rarely make the same pattern twice so there seems little point in wasting time making a copy. However, this pattern ranges in size from 24" - 45" waist and would be perfect for The Boys, too, so I did go to the trouble of tracing it off in hubby's size.

I don't know about you but, when considering a pattern, I always go to Google images first to see what versions have been made by 'real' people. You get a better impression of what it will look like on an average person then, rather than the model on the pattern envelope or, in this instance, just a line drawing.

I quickly came to the conclusion that such short trunks would not be to my hubby's liking. Remember that scene in "Run, Fat Boy, Run" where Simon Pegg goes out for his first training run in minuscule trunks?

Exactly. So I added 2" in length to both the leg pattern piece.......

.....and to each end of the gusset.

After pinning on all the pattern pieces, I soon realised that I would easily be able to cut a second pair out of the single metre of fabric I had bought - bonus!

Construction was straightforward with a clear set of instructions and plenty of images to guide you. The design was well thought out, too, with a back panel instead of a back seam making the boxers more comfortable to wear.

There is a shaped front pouch for wiggle room and they even have the requisite hole to allow for, ahem, easy toilet access!

In short, everything has been thought of and it is an extremely well-designed pattern.

I used the overlocker for most seams and a twin needle for the hems and waistband.

The only thing I did differently for the second pair, was to change the way the elastic was joined. The pink ones were seamed at the centre back, pressed open and top-stitched flat. I felt that this created a weakness at the seam, which might give way with wear.

For the yellow ones, I overlapped the elastic and did two rows of top-stitching with the twin needle, which I am much happier with.

I nearly forgot to include the label when I was sewing on the waistband, but remembered in the nick of time - don't they add the perfect, professional-looking finishing touch?

Are you ready to see the finished trunks?

If you don't want to see what they look like on an actual body, look away now.....

I'm glad I added the extra two inches to the leg length - any shorter and they might have accidentally revealed more than anyone would like! 

Nice and snug around the rear.

And, to prove that the second pair turned out just as well, here are the yellow ones.

Mr H-L says that they are the most comfortable boxer shorts he has ever owned and, whilst you may think he was being polite (I did), it must be true as he roots through the laundry to find them ahead of any of his other pairs. And they have already been washed an awful lot. Which leads me onto the next bit - the fabric stands up brilliantly to such frequent washing. Yes, it's started to fade ever so slightly, but some would say that's a good thing in this instance!!

He's already requested that I make a whole drawer load of boxers for him so that he doesn't have to wear RTW ones ever again, so that speaks volumes, I reckon.

Is anyone else tempted to give these a go?