Hello everyone, 

This month I decided to take a break from numerous adjustments, dozens of pattern pieces and hours of fittings. I wanted something lightweight, quick and easy. This Burda Style dress felt like the perfect choice and it certainly was. 

Viscose Challis is the perfect Summer Fabric. It's very breathable and lightweight, and, of course, it drapes beautifully, so you can use it for many interesting designs. I absolutely loved this Floral Print Woven Viscose Challis Dress Fabric, that looks lovely and bright even though it has a black background. 

The flowers are a good size as well, making this material perfect for both blouses and dresses. I was surprised how well it behaved after 2 machine cycles of pre-washing: zero shrinking! And the "colour test" was passed perfectly too: zero stains on a tiny piece of white fabrics that I washed with my viscose. As for the amount, 2 meters was just enough for this dress. 

When it comes to the pattern, it took me some time to make the right choice. I wanted something very simple when it comes to sewing, but interesting when it comes to how it looks...Luckily I had Burda Style magazine 03/2016 in my stash, which has a beautiful pattern #102A (Tie Waist Dress). It's really feminine and elegant, but at the same time really easy to sew. The key is in the tie straps – they give you a good fit without adjustments or alterations. Even the sleeves of this dress are so easy to sew. They have a top center dart and don’t require any easing in the sleeves. I did change the pattern just a bit though. It has a tiered skirt which isn’t something I wanted for a classy dress. So I simply lengthen the bodice and back pieces. That was it! 

Even though I wanted a really simple and not complicated garment, I was still determined to sew it as neatly as it possible. That’s why I opted for French seams and bias biding tape to finish all of my raw edges, including the facing. It did make the process of sewing a bit more time-consuming, but it was totally worth it in the end. I wouldn’t say that this fabric requires the French seam method only. You can use your serger for it as well, but I probably wouldn’t recommend a zigzag stitch for such a thin material. Once again, it might be my perfectionism, but I think the thinner and more delicate the fabric is, the neater our sewing method should be. 

I’m really happy with my new garment. I hardly ever use one pattern twice (there are so many to choose from, aren't they?), but I'll seriously consider sewing a couple of more dresses using this one. It’s so simple and flattering at the same time. And, of course, I’m determined to incorporate more Viscose Challis into my sewing. I think I’ve made only 2 garments with it before and this number is far from being a deserved one for such a lovely and affordable type of fabric.
Thanks Minerva!