Hi pinups! Since I started my sewing blog a couple of years ago and became aware of #memademay I like to take part but in my own way. Working from home, snapping a handmade outfit every day is very unrealistic for me when I spend my time in comfy RTW clothes, but I do still like to make a pledge of sorts. For Me Made May I like to sew and wear a new outfit for my birthday, and it just so happens, that's my Tilly and the Buttons Marigold jumpsuit!

Here's a peek at the pattern:

When the Marigold Pattern came out, I didn't fall in love with it straight away. I didn't think it would suit my shape and would end up looking pretty unflattering. But there's been so many gorgeous versions of Marigold popping up online recently that I was lured in and now it's time to sew my own! 

I thought the jumpsuit would be a handy addition to my wardrobe, especially for some comfy but stylish dressing over Spring/Summer when I don't want to wear a dress. Plus, it has an elasticated waist and pockets - my two favourite things.

For my Marigold jumpsuit I thought I would try some tie shoulders instead of the regular design. I'm so happy I did as I really like how it looks. It was really easy to do as well, I literally just extended the strap pattern piece slightly then cut 4 pieces instead of two. The soft viscose fabric has a really nice drape to it so the shoulder bows sit really well. I think if I were to sew tie shoulders again, I would make them a little longer.

The pattern, like I find most of Tilly's patterns, was simple to sew and easy to follow. I love the way her instructions are set out in the booklet with lots of useful photographs. There's also some more in depth instructions on her blog which I looked through too. 

Throughout the sewing process I was still on the fence as to whether I was actually going to like the finished jumpsuit. I haven't had much luck sewing trousers in the past and was worried I was sewing something I wasn't go to wear. 

After my initial try on, I have to be honest and stay I still wasn't 100% sold on the style on me. But the next time I put them on (for these photos) I fell in love with them. Sometimes I think the mindset you're in and having hair & makeup done can really make me think differently about an outfit. Once I had popped on my sandals and stood in the sun, I knew Marigold was for me! It's super comfy, looks cute, the print of the fabric works with my t shirts & jackets and will be great without too. I like the turn ups and the elasticated waist and I find they fit me really well. 

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Marigold

Fabric: Floral Viscose Challis Fabric

Notions: 9" invisible zip

Sewing time: Half a day

Modifications: Tie shoulder hack.

Fit: Really good.

Difficulty: I had a couple of stumbles, so would say intermediate or advanced beginner. 

Watch out for: Make sure your crotch seam is well stitched for longevity. 

Make Again?: A surprise to me, but yes!

Overall, the Marigold jumpsuit was a surprise winner. I really wanted to like the pattern but definitely had my reservations when it came to the style suiting me. I wore this outfit, paired with my denim jacket on my birthday adventure in Ludlow and it was so comfy to wear and luckily - no split pants! Next time I would use a fabric with some stretch in, just for some piece of mind. But I love this jumpsuit and it's going to become my Summer staple outfit!

Thanks for reading, pinups!

Abi xo