Hi Everyone, 
So I know I’ve made the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater before, but last time I combined both variations to make a beautiful Navy version and I still absolutely adore it. This time I wanted to make another one, but Variation 1. The classic high collar, cuffs and cropped waistband. 
I really love this pattern. I find the instructions very clear and the sizing and fit is perfect for me. I didn’t make any adjustments at all to this version as I knew it suited the fabric I chose. I never really thought I’d like the style of variation 1 on me, but I really do. My best friend even said that with the fabric I chose, it looked like a very high-end luxe-sport style top. Which is always a bonus. 
The fabric I used for this was this Loop Back Jersey Fabric in Sage Green. I really like the natural tone of this colour and it looked so soft in the photos. And I was right, it’s super soft, silky and a joy to wear. It’s cosy but not so thick you can’t wear it in this transitional season. I’ve been wearing it at work whilst the temperature keeps changing and it’s be so lovely to wear all day. 
As I can’t just make a pattern without changing something about it, I decided to slightly embellish this one. I thought some subtle embroidery would work really well. So with my plant obsession still looming, I thought a monstera leaf motif would work well. I drew it out onto some ‘stitch n tear’ and used free-motion embroidery to sew one leaf on my waistband and another on the centre back, just under the collar. I’m so happy with the way they turned out, and now I feel I’ve made my Toaster Sweater more individual. 
So my summary; you need this pattern in your life as it’s just a great staple piece. If you can get your hands on some loop back sweatshirt jersey, please do it’s just beautiful. And never be afraid you try a new colour or add something different to make it more ‘you’. It’ll work out better than you think. 
I hope you like my little details and you think this colour and style looks good on me. Until next time!
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk