Hi Everyone, 
I’ve been wanting to make a flowy wrap dress for ages, but since it’s been super hot, I’ve felt like I NEEDED one. I’ve been totally in love with this Tropical Print Fabric since I first saw it. Not only is it covered in tropical leaves but it’s also pink and orange! Those of you who know me well, will know the significance of that haha. 
The pattern I used for this dress was the Vogue Pattern 9251, as a sewing teacher I wouldn’t say this was ‘Easy’ but it was straight forward. As with all large pattern houses, the instructions are minimal and pre reading the whole thing is a must. I didn’t make a toile first either and although I measured myself accurately, I did have to make a few adjustments. One thing I adored about this pattern, was that it included pockets! A wrap dress with pockets! Just amazing. 
The fabric is the Art Gallery Fabrics Rayon Challis Fabric in this tropical print. Because it’s a light weight rayon, if you’re not confident with slippery fabrics, try a medium weight crepe first, then try this. It’s very slippery. You definitely need a good table space, a rotary cutter, mat and plenty of pattern weights. This pattern means all pieces are cut individually, so take your time and cut each one carefully. 
So in terms of modifications, I had to shorten it as it was far too long for me. I had measured, but maybe the drape on the fabric stretched a little. Anyway this was after I had spent hours on that curved bottom hem, so I shortened it at the bodice join. I had to take a good inch off, but that’s probably because I’m just short! I did choose to make the full length version, but maybe next time I’ll just make the midi length. The next tricky part of construction was the bias around the neckline, take your time with this, it’s the first thing you’ll see. Everything else is pretty straight forward. I did have to use a sharps needle on my machine. 
So my summary; I’m totally in love with this lightweight, summery dress. The fabric is like silk, the pattern is ok, but I now know what I’d change for next time. And come on, it has pockets! So what else could I ask for? 
I hope you like what I made for this months post. By the looks of things, a lot of us bloggers have made wrap dresses recently. Just goes to show how hot it’s been this summer. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk