What’s that? You’re headed out tonight and you’ve nothing to wear! Well let’s waste no time…

Two Hour Party Top

If you can’t tell from my first few blogs, I’m having a lot of fun playing with unusual fabrics and bold designs for my #MinervaMakes. But I’ve been taking my time. So this month it’s all about the GO GO GO - simplicity, speed and letting the Fabric do the talking. With beautiful blues, teals, and creams blended under strong waves of brown glitter it all sounds a bit weird, but it really works. (Unfortnately Minerva have sold out of this colour fabric, but they have another colourway still in stock).

My kit for this week was very simple: a single fabric, one reel of thread and an easy Unisex Sewing Pattern. Usually I love taking my time, poking around at things, making a cuppa, maybe even spreading a project over a week or more. But I wanted to push myself to just ‘get it done’. As soon as the fabric was dry (after two pre-washes to be sure I wouldn’t leave a trail of glitter!) I got stuck in.

Pattern pieces and fabric cut, it was onto the overlocker. Then with a little topstitching and a double take at the neckband instructions the whole thing was done in two hours. Not bad, especially for slow coach Carter over here.

I’ll be honest, when I opened up this fabric there was a raised eyebrow. It’s beautiful but it doesn’t exactly scream menswear! It’s semi-sheer, very lightweight and did I mention the glitter already? It really shimmers… 

But when i tried it on after 90 minutes of sewing (before hemming) I was surprised that it really seemed to work. It’s not obviously sheer once sewn up, you need to be backlit to really see through it!

It was incredibly easy to sew with and my new Stretch Needles gave me a beautiful zigzag topstitch on the sleeve ends with no skipped stitches.

Overall it is a simple pattern but there is weird niggle with the neckband. At no point does the pattern mention sewing the ends of the neckband together, so I finished up with the two ends butted against each other but not actually attached. This meant there was an obvious place where the two ends spread apart in a V shape. Ideally I’d have machine sewn the short ends of the neckband together before inserting but in my haste I had followed the pattern without really checking ahead. So I had to hand sew the neckband ends together at the very end. Other than that it was a simple construction (sped up by my overlocker again). It would be a great pattern for someone who hadn’t sewn with stretch fabric before or who wanted to try making a garment entirely with their overlocker.

We were really getting in the festive spirit with this shoot. Mulled wine and reindeer antlers… it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Never again will you need to say “I don’t have anything to wear!” As sewists, we have the luxury of whipping something up and strutting out the door that same night. Just pick a simple pattern, a funky fabric and hit that machine hard!

Next month will be my most challenging blog to date: a fully lined winter wardrobe staple, constructed in luxury wool. I can’t wait to share it.

Until then, enjoy the festive period and see you in 2017. Cheers!