Hi folks, it’s me, Sophie. I’m finally back at my regular posts here on Minerva again. My February post was postponed due to me breaking my ankle and was in a cast for six weeks. But I’m better than ever, or on my way at least, and not only that….

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Today, April 14th I’m turning 29 years old, yay me!

To celebrate this I made my two first bodysuits They definitely need some tweaking on my next make, like lengthening the bodice and make the bottom part a bit bigger, but all in all I really do like them both!

For this post, I made two Rowan Bodysuit from Megan Nielsen Patterns. I also have the Nettie Bodysuit Pattern from Closet Case Patterns, but I haven’t made the bodysuit version of this pattern yet, only the bodycon dress version ages ago. But after this, I might give the Nettie a try again.

The Rowan pattern comes in a lot of different variations. The main difference is that you can choose between bodysuit or a tee. The other options are the three neckline options, round neckline, turtleneck and V-neck, and there are the three sleeve-lengths. I made the V-neckline with a ¾ sleeve and the turtleneck with a full-length sleeve.

For the turtleneck version, I choose to make it in this spotty Ponte Roma Fabric. The fabric has a really soft finish to it making you want to snuggle in it all day. I loved this, but unfortunately, the fabric didn’t have enough stretch in it making it really tight on me. I did manage to put it on, but it would have been better if I had made my adjustments first and lengthen the bodice so there would have been more fabric to stretch.

For my V-neckline version of the pattern, I made the bodysuit with Crepe Jersey Fabric in colour bottle green. The fabric says it was a medium weight, but it felt a bit light and sheer to me. Lucky for me, I had enough fabric to cut out double of the front and back bodysuit pieces and I’m glad I did. It turned out great.

The pattern has you cut out the bodice pieces with the crotch in one piece, so there are only one front and one back bodysuit pieces. For finishing the crotch, you cut out facings from any kind of fabrics you have laying around. I chose to cut the facings out of some scraps from a dress I made last year for my wedding anniversary. The pop of colour makes it a fun little secret.

To close the bodysuit I used snap tape. This is the first time I’m using it, and it’s great! The snap tape is clustered in three so that’s what I used, I cut out a piece and sewed it in with the machine in a rectangle. No need for hand sewing with is one of my biggest weaknesses.

I’ve had a hard time with body image lately, nothing major, mostly mindset, but I’m much better now and I’m celebrating me and my body over at my own blog. If you have the stomach for me showing a bit more skin you’re welcome over to sopbac.com.

Happy Easter!