Hello, everyone. It’s me, Sophie, coming back to you with another blog post. This time I’ve made the ultimate summer dress Sewing Pattern B6453 from Butterick by Gertie. It seems like everyone has made this dress lately and I now understand why also. It's September so the warmer months are over for me in Norway, but there is still some time left to go with dresses without tights.
For this particular project, I needed the fabric, label zipper and sliders and rings for the adjustable straps.
I was supposed to make the version B with the pencil skirt. So I sewed one up to make sure everything fits before cutting into my main fabric. For this muslin I used some fabric I already had in my stash and you can read about it over on my blog here.
The reason for actually wanting to make the pencil skirt version was to have a more versatile wardrobe. You might know by now that I usually make dresses, and most of them are not a hip hugging kind of dress. I figured I’ll try something new and make the version B, I might like it. So why did I end up making the full gathered skirt version A instead? Well, although I love the design of the pencil skirt, making me feel extremely feminine there was one (huge) issue. NO POCKETS!
I have worn the dress three times, and every time I need to hold my phone or credit card in my hand I’m thinking “Why, why don’t I have pockets?!”. The struggle is real, and if you are like me and have been having the luxury of adding pockets to every dress you make, you would understand.
So I decided to make the full gathered skirt version only to add pockets. Another reason is that I tend to not wear the dresses that don't have pockets for my everyday use, and that would be a shame. The fabric is so incredibly gorgeous that I could not risk not wearing it.
I then also learn another thing about myself, that there is a reason for me not making the slim fitted skirts. But hopefully, I can get over that some time or add pockets to them somehow.
The dress is made up in the amazingly beautiful fabric “Flock” by Michael Miller. I have been loving this fabric every since I saw it for the first time, and absolutely thrilled that I now have a dress made out of it. Minerva have sold out of this fabric now, but there are some of gorgeous Michael Miller Fabrics to choose from on their website.
I didn’t do any adjustments to the pattern as it was a full skirt, but with my muslin version I did grade out the size to a bigger size for my bottom.
This is my second label zipper installation (the first being my muslin) and I’m very happy with it! The instructions in the pattern are very good, so it wasn’t all that hard. I love how it looks from behind also. It gives it a more vintage vibe than what an invisible zipper does, which is what I’m used to sewing.
The slim straps are also fairly new to me too. One of my first ones is when I made my two Ogden camis for last months MCBN. But if you haven’t made the pattern before the instructions are very clear on how you should assemble the straps into the ring and sliders to make it an adjustable strap.
I hope you like my new dress because I certainly do! But I would like to know your experience with zippers. Which kind do you prefer? Label or invisible? And do you have any tips for installing them, then I would really like to know.
For this dress, to honour the great Gertie, I justified her by wearing red lipstick with the pattern. That’s it for now, see you again next month!