This fabric certainly is Joyful, I love the white design on this beautiful bright pink. 

The fabric is by Art Gallery Fabrics from Minerva.The fabric itself is 95% Pima Cotton with 5% Spandex which means that it stretches (and recovers) with ease. It is a medium weight fabric so perfect for a dress

The pattern is New Look N6650. Don't let the description of it being easy to sew fool you. It is absolutely vital that the fit is correct and therefore that you choose the correct size as it is very close fitting.

I am quite confident wearing tight fitting clothes but I appreciate others may not be.  So if you are concerned, cut it a size larger and fit it close to your body without pulling anywhere. The busy design and the thickness of the fabric will help to disguise any areas which you are less than happy with. Shapewear helps to smooth out the figure too.

It is vital that you feel happy in your dress. 

The fabric has a very wide selvedge so I carefully removed it before cutting the pattern out.

The front and back need to be cut on the fold of the fabric and the way to do it is to lay the fabric flat, right side down and fold the edges to the centre lengthways, this gives two folded edges so that the front and the back can each be placed on the fold of the fabric. 

I chose the shorter length for the dress.

To cut the sleeves and tie out, I refolded the unused fabric and cut them out as normal. 

The pattern has short sleeves and I like mine a little longer so I measured three inches from the lower sleeve hem with chalk directly onto the fabric, slanting the sides slightly to make the sleeve narrower at the hem. You may want to cut a new pattern piece from tissue paper so that you can check the fit.
To stitch the seams i used a very narrow zigzag and then finished the seams on the overlocker. I stitched the hems with a double row of stitching. There is some argument for stitching the garment together just using an overlocker but I always feel that once an overlocker has been used and consequently the seam allowance removed there is no going back. At least by stitching the seam with a normal stitch first there is the possibility of letting the seam out should you feel the garment needs it and you have an hour to spare with a seam ripper! 
The back is shaped with two long narrow darts and the front has an optional tie which I think is makes the simple design more exciting. Use the pattern markings to ensure that the ties are placed correctly and the right way up.
The neckline is very simple. Press the seam allowance to the wrong side and stitch it in place taking care not to stretch the fabric or you will not get a smooth neckline.
The tie at the front adds considerable interest to the design
The back of the dress looks to fit me perfectly.
I do love Art Gallery Fabrics and I like wearing dresses especially ones which do not crease and are easy to wear.
Thank you Minerva for this gorgeous fabric which I will enjoy wearing immensely.