Since I've been part of the blogging network for nearly 9 months now I thought it was about time I made my first full dress! I had a few issues with the sewing pattern but I'm really pleased with the finished garment.
The first issue I had was the fact that the skirt pieces were bigger than the pattern stated so they over hung the edge of the fabric but luckily when it came to piecing the top and skirt together I found that the skirt is actually about an inch too big each side so any part that over hung on the bottom of the skirt was taken care of by the hem and extra inch each side.
The second issue I had was that the instructions for the dress say that there is an extra dart! I had cut my pattern pieces and then re-looked at the instructions and saw that they showed a bottom and side dart for the bodice, I double checked an triple checked, I measured up back and front pieces and concluded that the pattern was right and the instructions were wrong but there was a slight bit of panic for about 30mins there. Luckily I had borrowed a dress making dummy from my Nan so I pinned everything to the dummy and made that it all looked like it fitted together ok.

The instructions also neglected to tell you when to interface the body pieces but luckily I thought about that before I started sewing!

Aside from those few hiccups though it was a nice and pretty quick project to do. I think one of the parts that took me the longest was taking up the length of the skirt and hemming, since it's a circle skirt there is about 5 times more fabric than you expect there will be, it took a few cups of tea to get pinned and sewn. I've really got the hang on zips now and this one went in with no problems at all.

The finished dress fits really well, the dummy I borrowed is bigger than I am on the waist so thats why the back photos show it undone but once it's on me it fits like a glove and the style and pattern of the fabric mean it disguises any lumps and bumps and just looks lovely and flattering. I would definitely use this fabric again for another dress or skirt, you can see from the below photo that it shapes and drapes beautifully without any creasing.

I think I might have to start getting more adventurous with my projects from now on, I've mastered zips now, there's no stopping me!

Charlotte xxx