Hi guys, I can't believe how quick summer went by, I am a bit relieved though as I really don't like the hot summers we experience here in Athens, Autumn on the other hand is a pure pleasure and I can easily wear all my summer clothes!

Enough about the weather though, this month's post here on Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is also part of my Vintage Pledge for 2017, those of you that don't know what the Vintage Pledge is you can have a look at Stitching Odyssey's blog, the organizer of this online event for the 4th year now.

The Vintage Style Sewing Pattern I chose is Vogue 9255 which was first published in 1960 a Misses' Lined Halter Bra and Shorts, and Square-Neck Coverup with Pockets as described in the envelope. I was interested in all the pieces of this patter but I decided to start with the Cuverup as it seemed the easiest.

As I love black and white fabrics and prints as well I was very happy to find this floral print Cotton Lawn Fabric which is so gorgeous that despite being lightweight it has structure and is easy to sew.

The only changes I made to the pattern was to shorten the bodice by 5 cm and make a hem of 2.5 cm deep to get the hight that I wanted. I found the sleeve pattern to be very long as I had to shorten them by 12 cm in order to achieve the length that is featured in the pattern . I also omitted the big pockets, as I wasn't sure if I wanted them or not I left them for the end so that I can easier check if I want this in my top, After I first tried it I decided that as I will mostly wear it with a belt or tacked in the pockets will be lost and mostly unusable, in the former length they go perfectly but now that I shortened the pattern I think there is no place for pockets. I aslo want to mention that this is supper quick to finish from cutting to hemming it took me 4 hours despite me working very slow.

I tried wearing it loose but I don't find that style flattering on me, maybe in smaller sizes and less busty ladies it will look great or maybe that's just how I see it.

All in all I just love my new top, I know it is supposed to be a beach coverup but I think it works just fine like this as well. I really need more tops in my wardrobe as I 've made only a few, for some reason when I have a dress quantity fabric I think it's a waste to make it into a top and so I keep making dresses or at least flared skirts.

Till next time,