Hi Minerva makers, for this month I wanted to make a Vogue pattern designed by the late Paco Peralta, I had been following him on Instagram and apart from his classic lines and designs I admired also the fact that he was very active in the sewing community and also very supportive by sharing his knowledge, giving advices when someone asked his advice.  Therefore i’ve been wanting for a long time to try one of his patterns!

So what i made this time is the skirt from pattern nr. 1567, this pattern is a very interesting design with only 3 pattern pieces, skirt front and back plus the waistband. It features side draping which creates the pockets of the skirt. The construction is smart and it might seem intricate but the instructions are so detailed that if you follow them you end up with a beautiful skirt inside out, I had no problem making this skirt at any part and am in love with the final result.

My fabric is a light weight striped cotton fabric with an Aztec print , it is very soft and airy but also was easy to sew. The pattern is designed for medium weight fabrics that can show better this specific draping  but I preferred to use a lighter and draper fabric thinking it will suit me better and I’m pleased I did so as I love how airy and light this skirt feels.

Before cutting the fabric I knew I had to shorten the pattern as it is designed for 1.68 cm hight while i’m 1.60 tall so I shortened it by 7 cm (i hope I had shortened it 8-9 as it is still a tad longer and I can’t wear it without heels)

Also the pattern asks you to cut the pattern pieces on the cross grain, I assume because in that way the skirt will look more structured, but as I prefer horizontal stripes I had to cut it on grain instead. I think that by doing so I used less fabric than recommended so that was an advantage too.

While sewing this skit, one thing is definitely obvious and that is the importance the designer gives to finishing the seams, after each seam you are required to finish them with bias binding before moving to the next one. I used Hug Snug binding which is a method I learned on one of Paco Peralta’s posts on instagram , it took me some time to learn to apply it neatly but now it is my favourite way of finishing the seams at it creates no bulk at all.

Because of the detailed instructions and the perfect finishing, sewing this skirt was such a joy to me as I got a great satisfaction from constructing a perfect garment, that is just something that rarely happens to me as I’m never one hundred percent happy with my work. 

I’m very happy with the result and the fabric choice; I think that If i had used one of the fabrics recommended by the pattern I would not very easily wear such a style.

Take care,