This month’s Minerva Make has been bubbling away in my head for some time now. The pattern is the Vogue 9075 dress / jumpsuit which I have loved since I first saw it and which I actually made up last summer in a crepe for a wedding guest outfit which I loved!

And I mean, I really loved that jumpsuit. Super comfy and yet stylish at the same time, I’ve been plotting ever since for a version that’s more wearable day to day.

And so, here we are; the wide legged culotte jumpsuit of dreams paired with a beautiful soft, dark Chambray Fabric to make my perfect spring / summer outfit!

If it’s not clear already, I really love this pattern. For a big four pattern, I find the instructions pretty clear and simple to follow. I started from a size 14, which is two sizes smaller than my measurements would indicate, and added 1.5cm to the centre back crotch seam, dropped the front shoulder by 1cm to allow for my hollow chest and sewed the bodice with 3/8” seams rather than the indicated 5/8”.

What I didn’t do, and absolutely should have done, is to add a centimetre or two to the crotch depth. I kind of assumed that the fact I’d had to line my first version and therefore had more fabric than intended had caused the slightly tightness in my last version; not so. The end result is wearable but could definitely be roomier!

The pattern comes together really well in general; the bodice is lined to give a clean finish at the neckline. I used a plain blue cotton lawn from the depths of my stash which worked perfectly. I hand stitched the lining to the inside of the zip and waist seam which gives a lovely clean inside, then used one of my Kylie and the Machine labels to finish off inside.

The chambray behaved beautifully. It didn’t fray over much and was great to sew with. I used a size 80 needle and it was perfect.

Oh, and did I mention this pattern also has pockets? I mean. Who doesn’t like pockets? These side seam pockets sit beautifully underneath the feature pleats at the front, meaning you don’t get an outline visible through the pant legs which is also a bonus.

The pattern actually calls for a normal dress zip to be inserted. I didn’t have one of the right length in my stash, so I used an invisible zip instead. I find these pretty easy to insert and the finished look is good; the back seams aren’t 100% perfect but they’re close enough!

I think this version of the pattern is really wearable; I can see me taking this to the office or wearing it with flat sandals or pumps away from work. It feels really put together, I love the fit and it’s just SO comfy. Did I already mention that?

Thanks Minerva for the fabric to make this new wardrobe workhorse!