Two words that get my creative heart beating a little faster are ‘Liberty’ and ‘Vogue’, are you the same? Then read on. In this post I will be reviewing a gorgeous Vogue dress making pattern, perfect for Summer parties and events made in the most dreamiests of Liberty London fabrics.

Currently 22 weeks pregnant, I really wanted to sew a stylish, pretty and beautiful Summer dress. Feeling a little uninspired by maternity wear and not so huge with the baby bump that I need to ditch my tailored dresses, I fell in love with Vogue V1350 by Rachel Come, part of Vogue Patterns American Designers Collection. I loved the design for the neckline, cap sleeves cut into the bodice, skirt lines and the front fastening designer style.

I had already sewn Vogue V8875 as my Easter dress back in March this year which had the same sleeve design. I tried on my Easter dress and it still fitted my shape (minus the belt), so I knew this shape would suit me. This new tea dress felt like an updated version of my Easter 1950’s silhouette dress… but still oh so classic!

I decided not to line my tea dress even though the pattern does say to do so, as I was using this beautiful Liberty of London Fabric. I felt that the drape and the style didn’t need lining for our current hot British Summer.

This fabric was so lovely to work with, from prewashing, cutting out and stitching. It pressed like a dream and stitched using a standard 80 needle without any pulls. The pattern is instantly recognisable as classic Liberty and has perfect Summer vibes. I didn’t need to pattern match also which was a big win and sped up the making!

I used just 2 metres for my dress and still have a piece left over for a smaller project or for making bias binding. At £14.99 p/m Minerva Crafts really have a great price on this beautiful fabric.

I was surprised how easy this pattern was to construct. Don’t be put off by the neckline or the skirt detail, it really goes stitch together like a dream. I had my iron to hand all the way through, and as long as you press the seams and use the notches and tailor tacks, a beginner with some experience will be able to stitch this dress.

Here are the reasons why I love this pattern and a few little tricks to sew and fit it faster…

The Neckline

I loved the V neckline at the front and the back which was cut in one piece to incorporate the sleeve. The neckline was faced and under stitched with this Fusible Interfacing to give a sharp finish.

The neckline was both feminine and modern and very flattering.

I loved the pattern for the soft ‘V’ scoop at the front which was cut so perfectly that it didn’t gape and fitted by neckline spot on. Don’t be fooled, this was really easy to do!

The Inserted Sleeves

This feature, I have to admit was my main draw to this pattern. After sewing V8875 with the same sleeves cut from the bodice, I wanted to try the style again. I loved the drape of the sleeve without a shoulder seam and constructing a bodice piece by creating a dart, with a curved piece constructed in the dart. It’s makes a great design detail and change from fitting sleeves.

The Front Fastening

I wanted a front fastening dress as it would be easier as bump grows! I used Press Fasteners which gave my design a modern twist.

I used a washable embroidery marker to mark out where to put my fasteners before I hammered them on. As I followed the pattern step by step, one thing I would recommend is attaching the hardware at the end not the beginner as I did. This would give you a better fit. Ideally, I would have liked my poppers a few inches to the centre.

To change my tea dress into a maternity, I kept the back the same but removed the darts out of the front. I also moved the waist up three inches to sit as an Empire line. This meant loosing one of the fastenings. I kept the spacing on the fastenings the same as the pattern guide as this was fine. I also cut the front interfacings a few inches bigger to make way for bump!

In summary this is the perfect Summer dress, it’s so comfy to wear and I feel so stylish with a little designer style. I would love to make this again for the Autumn in a heavier weight fabric and team up with boots. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the Minerva Crafts site for a fabric to make it in!

Samantha writes a creative craft blog and hosts Crafternoon Tea Parties and Events in the Midlands and beyond!