Hi all, and Happy New Year!
I am new to sewing with knits, but the onset of actual cold weather last month prompted me to try my hand at a knitwear project for this month’s MCBN post.
Burda 6990 looked like a great option for a basic jumper. I liked the fact that it features raglan sleeves and comes with loads of different neckline options. It’s also labelled “super easy”, which might have sealed the deal.
I made view D, the turtleneck, in a fine ivory Jersey Fabric... and I love the result! It’s a perfect wardrobe basic and will be great for layering. The jersey is lightweight but still soft, feeling almost like it’s brushed, and has a slightly marl-like texture to it.
I altered the turtleneck collar pattern slightly because I’m not a fan of standard turtlenecks - they can make me feel weirdly claustrophobic. I basically made the final collar wider, so that it was closer to the width of the neckline of the jumper rather than tight around my neck. I also made it a bit shorter. I was going for more of a relaxed turtleneck and I’m quite happy with the results. I’ve already worn it to work and it’s the perfect weight to combat our air conditioning!
I also made view E (the oversized collar) from this lovely bottle green medium weight Polyester Jersey Fabric. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the jersey felt - soft, warm and snuggly.
Unfortunately, I realised straight away that this collar, for me, anyway, is one of those fussy details that will probably annoy me when I wear it. You know, the sort of thing that I would constantly be checking/fiddling with because it looks nice when it falls in a certain way but a bit ridiculous and/or unflattering in others. Sadly this is destined to be a jumper I’ll probably mainly wear at home, but here’s  a picture of the (carefully arranged) collar:
You can imagine all those folds of fabric sitting in weird positions over the bust, restricting your arm movement etc. I think the problem is compounded by the fact that this is a medium weight jersey rather than something lighter, so this is may be a case of an unsuitable fabric choice.
The only other thing I would note is that the sleeves on view E seem to be crazily long! I usually have to lengthen sleeves on patterns but on this one I took a couple of inches off them, and even then they are generous. 
Burda 6990 is a great pattern for a basic fine/lightweight jumper and you could easily stock your wardrobe with a batch of 6990’s, in different views! I might do so myself!