Hi Everyone, 
How have you all been coping in this heat? I am loving it, except for at night when even a fan can’t seem to cool me down. Anyway, because of all this heat I’ve been edging towards making more loose fitting, light-weight clothing and this months make is a super light floaty dress. 
The pattern is the Lola Dress by french designers Wear Lemonade. They have the best patterns and I’m going to be making many more. I’m a part of their ‘Netflix of Sewing’ which is basically a pdf pattern subscription you can join on their website. 
One down side to the patterns is that they’re all in french. When you subscribe there are videos of the making process, and you can translate the subtitles, but they’re not the clearest. So basically it’s a mix of google translate and guess work. The patterns aren’t super complicated though, so don’t worry it’s not too difficult to do. 

The Lola Dress is a summery boxy shape with a gathered skirt. I must admit, I wasn’t totally happy with the evenness of my gathers, but I’m hoping it doesn’t look too messy. The dress has a little pocket, and a cute collar which I made in a contrasting fabric. It has an open yoke at the back with a little hook and eye fastening under the collar - which is a little annoying as mine comes un-done every time I sit down. I may change it for a button and loop instead. 
The main fabric I used was this gorgeous sky blue polycotton Chambray Fabric. It’s so light and has a lovely texture to it. It’s also a great fabric for this style of dress. I really liked the shade of blue too. For the contrasting collar I used a little printed piece of cotton which I found in my stash. The under collar is in the same blue just to make it look a bit neater. 
I’m not entirely sure I can pull this look off. I think it might be a shape that looks a bit young on me. Maybe you could tell me what you think? The colour choice also makes it looks very Alice in Wonderland, which I didn’t really think about. But, all in all, I do feel really good in this dress. It just makes me feel a little more dressed up, but still feeling comfortable. 
So my summary; Wear Lemonade patterns are fab if you don’t mind working things out yourself, always check character references before choosing colours haha. And chambray is a great lightweight fabric for wearing in the summer. Will I make this dress again? Yes but maybe in a patterned fabric instead. 
I hope you like my Alice in Wonderland Dress and I look forward to sharing next month’s project with you all - it’s going to be a good one!
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Jessalli_Handmade / jessalli.co.uk