If you use Instagram you will probably have seen many versions of this pattern. The Wee Braw Bag by Laura Zuckeruss, it has been an Instagram sensation. I was trying to resist making it but I realised it would be ideal for teachers gifts so I bought the pattern before the summer. I’ve made a few of the larger size bag but this month I will be making the smaller version for the first time. I plan to fill it with chocolates and gift it at Christmas.

The recipient’s favourite colour is purple so I chose the prints above which are designed by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics, with the Purple Fabric as the main exterior fabric. I’ve seen her sew with Katarina’s fabrics so I know she likes them, hopefully this combo will appeal to her.

The first few stages are pretty easy, cutting the fabrics, and adding the casing for the cord.

But in the past I’ve made one big mistake in the following stage. I’ll tell you about it to help you avoid repeating my mistake. After you’ve attached the casing to the top, and before adding the pocket make sure you separate the lining and outer fabrics as shown above. It does tell you to in the pattern but I forgot to do it one time which meant I sewed through both layers when adding the pocket. I was worried about leaving lots of marks on the fabric if I unpicked so I ended up having to sew it together a different way and bind the inside seams instead.

I was originally planning to add pockets to both sides of this bag, but after adding the first pocket I realised that it covers up most of the purple outer fabric, and I wanted to make sure that shows so I only put the pocket on one side. In hindsight I think I should have used the purple print for the pockets and the text print as the exterior bag fabric. I didn’t realise that on this size bag the pocket covers most of it.

I like how when you are joining the 2 sides of the you cut the corners off first, and then box them after stitching around the outside. Most patterns say to sew right around the edge, then cut off the corners and box them meaning you sew bits that you are later cutting off and throwing away. I prefer this method.  

After turning the bag through the gap in the lining I found the exterior of the bag was very crumpled and needed ironing. I used a Tailor’s Ham inside the bag to give something solid to press the iron against whilst removing the creases.

I found the cord I had ordered was a little too narrow, it could have done with being a few millimetres wider, next time I would try this one. It’s one of those things that is hard to tell when ordering online. It was also a slightly different shade of purple so didn’t quite match the rest of the bag.

There was enough fabric left over that with the addition of a couple zips and some Glitter Vinyl I was able to make a Two in One case from Aneela Hoey’s Stitched Sewing Organizer’s book. Another gift off the Christmas list – making good progress this year. Lots of people will be getting gifts from me made with Art Gallery Fabrics.