Hello all! For this months Minerva project I wanted to make a classic. Something that would stand the test of time. Something that would go with every piece of clothing I own. Cue the white linen shirt.
The Dressmaking Fabric is a linen viscose blend thats currently on sale at Minerva. I think the viscose portion of it gives it a slightly softer and drapier hand? It presses beautifully, which of course goes hand in hand with creasing beautifully. It's quite good at fraying, which made the tinier seams fairly fiddly but the slight natural give in the fabric made setting in the sleeves a very satisfactory event. It is a little rough on the skin, but I'm hoping that it will soften up with wear.
The pattern itself is one that I drafted for the first show I did at uni. The character in question was Simon Hughes the MP wearing a classic shirt which as I was pressed for time I thought I would repurpose for myself. Because the pattern was fitted to a guy I decided that not adding any seam allowances would shrink it down to approximately the right amount of bagginess. This was mostly a wonderful idea, except the collar which is absolutely tiny.
It's buttoned up the men's way because I forgot which was which, took a punt and was wrong. The buttonholes were a nightmare and I had to do them one side at a time with a tiny zig-zag. I decided to do an inverted pleat at the back because I like the way it looks better. The seams were all flat-felled apart from the yoke which I attempted to burrito but had to give up on because the yoke was too narrow to fit all of the fabric in. Next time I'll lengthen the yoke. The hem was just turned up twice and topstitched.
I was pretty pressed for time when I made this so I decided that instead of compromising finish or accuracy I would leave off the plackets and cuffs and add in at a later date, rolling up the sleeves for the time being.
Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out, considering that it's a men's pattern drafted for a completely different person. It's the perfectly slouchy size that I was hoping for. Next time I'd lengthen the yoke and collar a bit, and I might shorten the hem a bit. A pocket might be nice as well.

That's all for now. Thanks very much for reading, to Minerva Crafts for providing the supplies for this make and to Dad for being a gem and stopping off at a stately home on the way home from uni for pictures.

Lauren xx