Piping is a useful technique when you're drawing attention to a feature point.

Showing off Miz Mozelle's design is what I wanted to do on this teal John Kaldor Fabric print from Minerva Crafts.

The colours in this fabric are very different to what I usually wear but I loved them.

This print also comes in a navy colourway.

The turquoise Piping was premade. Choosing the right colour was easy to do from the range available at Minerva Crafts.

I was happy with this colour and the quality of the fabric used.

From the work in progress photo above, you can see how I used the piping.

The turquoise contrast was worth taking the time to do.

Another cute feature is the self cover button.

I used Prym Cover Buttons, size 22mm and they were easy to create.

The packaging provides a fabric template and images to show you what to do so Prym have thought of everything to make self cover buttons easy to make.

What you might realise from this photo is the collar isn't the same as the Sewing Pattern.

When I started making this dress, the collar pattern somehow left my sewing space, so I grabbed a basic peter pan collar pattern as my substitute.

From this wip photo, the back neckline still looks ok but I will try to redraft this collar into one full piece.

Here's the work in progress photo for adding the piping to the colour. The turquoise matches the Prym Love Pins I used.

These pins come with their own magnetic pin cushion. They have a glass head so they take any heat your iron can muster, without melting.

The key pattern change I made was the to hem of the sleeve.

I raised the hem by 2cm because it seemed to stop at the thickest part of my arm. This was the sleeve looks a bit softer.

I'm really happy with this dress and I hope to make more with some soft fabrics.

Thanks Minerva Crafts and Prym.